Austin, TX– A current case before the U.S. Supreme Court is weighing whether the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission should be required to pay $4.5 million in legal fees after a sexual harassment case was dismissed.

The Hill reports that Justice Alito Justice Samuel Alito seemed unconvinced that the EEOC should be able to avoid responsibility for the legal fees of CRST Van Expedited Inc., the trucking company that EEOC sued for sexual harassment.

CRST spent over $4.5 million defending a class-action lawsuit that alleged over 270 workers were subjected to sexual harassment. The EEOC only managed to produce seventy workers who alleged they were sexually harassed.

The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed the case because the EEOC failed to identify the parties named in the lawsuit. And, because the EEOC failed to name all of the parties, the appeals court ruled they did not meet their pre-trial obligations and should pay for the transportation company’s legal fees.

According to the Hill, Justice John Roberts argued that forcing the EEOC to pay back attorney’s fees if they fail to meet their pre-suit obligations would urge the agency to ensure they meet those obligations in the future. The Supreme Court hasn’t come to a decision in the case, but comments from justices indicate that the EEOC may be asked to pay the legal fees.

While the decision, in this instance, doesn’t impact how sexual harassment cases are decided, it does emphasize the importance of presenting a properly prepared case. One of the keys to a successful sexual harassment case is the plaintiff’s ability to prove the allegations in the suit. Proving a sexual harassment case can be exceedingly difficult since most cases of sexual harassment pit one person’s word against another’s and most of these cases hinge on testimony from the victim and witnesses. Without witness testimony, a sexual harassment case is difficult to win.

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