UA Athletes Fall Prey To Abusive Attacks At The Track Program

The prolonged cases of sexual abuse and harassment never fail to cease women with shock. Such circumstances are not only excruciatingly petrifying but also leave a traumatic impact on women. The abusers somehow have a superiority complex due to which they think they can cause tremendous physical and mental abuse to women without having to face any consequences. Not a single woman deserves being ill-treated by anybody. Sexual harassment exists widely, even today. Taking significant help from sexual harassment attorneys is the fundamental way of getting justice. Below is a summary of the twelve former UA athletes who spoke of sexual harassment during the track program. 

Arizona’s unfortunate case of sexual assault 

In the recent event in Arizona, 12 athletes of the University of Arizona spoke up about alleged sexual harassment and neglectful practices. On the 16th of August, about eight former members allegedly made statements implying they underwent emotional abuse by the respective teammates and classmates. Many athletes faced sexual discrimination while the training process went on. This further severely impacted the mental health of the athletes. 

The eight women primarily reached out to start back up with factual claims of legal documents, emails, and so on. They suggested that while many athletes encountered a delightful training experience Inder Coach Fred Harvey, he allegedly ignored the claims. After a few hours of the article’s publication, many former athletes reached out to the station to support these claims. They even went ahead to share their experiences. To brief it, about 13 former UA athletes reached out to star, and over 12 of them shared their stories. These unfortunate circumstances unquestionably brought about trauma among the respective women. However, the mere fact that many former athletes came out in support of these women gives hope to Arizona’s future. 

Why is hiring a sexual harassment lawyer essential? 

Sexual harassment is something every other woman has dealt with, at least once in her life. Sexual harassment attorneys are incredibly essential to guide you through your traumatic journey. They can assist you with the legal proceedings, along with helping you increase your chance of getting justice against neglectful and abusive practices. Sexual discrimination lawyers also give you thorough insights into your rights to be well-aware of how you can proceed further.

Final word

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