Boston, MA– Uber CEO and co-founder Travis Kalanick is taking a temporary leave of absence as the company is embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal. His announcement followed the recommendations of third party investigators.

Uber’s Sexual Harassment Problem

Kalanick announced Monday that he would be taking a leave of absence for an undetermined amount of time as the company recovers from a sexual harassment scandal.

Kalanick’s leave was one of the many recommendations from law firm Covington & Burling LLP who examined the culture of Uber and discovered some troubling behaviors after former employees complained of a toxic environment. The recommendations included changing senior leadership, improvements to the human resources department, a better complaint process, and regular performance reviews.

According to the Huffington Post, the report also calls for a “reformulation” of the Uber’s corporate culture to be more inclusive and underscore behaviors like “mutual respect.” The report also encourages the company to prohibit office relationships, allowing easier transfers and clarifying how promotions are awarded.

Overall, the report contained about 47 recommendations, but some in the upper echelons of the company didn’t get the report’s message. Despite the scathing report and Kalanick’s leave, one board member made a sexist joke during a board meeting which soon resulted in his resignation.

The Washing Post reports that billionaire businessman David Bonderman made a sexist comment at a company meeting on Tuesday directed at fellow board member Ariana Huffington. In response to Huffington’s suggestion that the company should hire more women for its corporate offices, Bonderman interrupted Huffington to say, “it’s much likely there’ll be more talking.”

Shortly after making the inappropriate comment, Bonderman resigned from the board, acknowledging he was wrong. The fact that Bonderman felt comfortable making such a comment in a roomful of people points to the pervasiveness of sexism in Uber’s corporate ranks.

Employers Pay When They Don’t Address Sexual Harassment

Like too many workplaces, Uber fostered a culture where sexual harassment was tolerated and failed to address complaints as they arose. By not handling complaints immediately and appropriately

Employers should do the following when they receive a sexual harassment complaint:

Make complete report of the employee’s allegations

Investigate their claims

If their allegations are true, the offending employees should be punished appropriately including unpaid leave, demotions and even termination depending on the severity of the harassment

Offer improved sexual harassment training

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