Berkeley, CA- A respected Research Administrator for Berkley University of California-Berkley has been forced to resign after a his former assistant with her owned sullied past accused him of sexual harassment.

The San Francisco Gate reports that Vice Chancellor Graham Fleming, 65, resigned “in protest,” this week, nearly a year after his former Assistant Vice Chancellor Diane Leite, 50, filed a complaint against him. His forced resignation came in the heels of an investigation which found he “more likely than not” sexually harassed Leite.

Leite, who was fired after the university discovered she was having an affair with a younger male employee, alleges Fleming subjected her to inappropriate behavior on numerous occasions during her tenure at the university.

In one incident, Leite alleges Fleming touched her breast at a faculty event, telling her he wanted to molest her, according to the San Francisco Gate. She also alleges he once kissed her neck and began sending her romantic e-mails in 2011.

Fleming admitted to using “poor judgment” and engaging in a too familiar relationship with Leite, but denied sexually harassing his former assistant. He believes he is being “railroaded.”

This is the second time this week a college professor has been accused of sexual harassment. Previously, a professor at Yale and prominent nephrologist was accused of sexually harassing employees at the dialysis clinic where he treated patients.

More than one woman complained that Professor Rex Mahnensmith pressed his erect penis against them. The women reported his actions to both Yale University and the dialysis clinic but neither ever took disciplinary action against him. Until this week when he quietly fired from Yale.

Too often, victims of sexual harassment find that complaining does them no good. In many cases, as with the Yale case, employers don’t take no steps to punish the offender. For a myriad of reasons employers often just weep allegations of sexual harassment under the rug. Perhaps they believe the allegations aren’t true or the employee is being too sensitive. Whatever their reason, ignoring sexual harassment is detrimental to all employees and the business as a whole.

If an employer is not taking your allegations seriously, you can contact one of USAttorneys sexual harassment attorneys. They will take your allegations seriously and help you decide the best course of action for you to pursue.

Victims of sexual harassment need to first file a complaint with their employer. They deserve the opportunity to investigate any allegations they receive and appropriately discipline the harassing employee. But if you already file a complaint no remedial action has been taken it is time to think of taking legal action. You may be eligible for compensation for your emotional distress.

Our team of sexual harassment attorneys know this is a troubling time for their clients and want them to know that they don’t have to stand alone. They will work to protect the rights of their clients and ensure they get the compensation they deserve for the emotional distress they have endured as a result of sexual harassment.