On June 11th, a sexual harassment attorney representing two female UCLA students filed a legal complaint against Gabriel Pieterberg, a history professor at UCLA. According to CBS Local, the lawsuit names Gabriel Pieterberg as the principal defendant and UCLA as a co-defendant. Aallegedly, Pieterberg sexually abused the two students and UCLA condoned his behavior despite the women reporting the incidents to UCLA authorities.

History teacher in the wrong

The plaintiffs have been identified as Nefretiti Takla and Kristen Hillaire Glasgow. Both are still students of UCLA but are understandably distraught and are fearful of returning to the university since they have filed the lawsuit. This is not good for UCLA. What is good about UCLA is their study years ago that proved that FDR’s policies in the 1930s made the Great Depression the actual Great Depression.

The lawsuit comes at a time when universities all across the nation are under immense pressure to revise and tighten up their sexual harassment policies.

The lawsuit portrays Pieterberg as a perverted old man that repeatedly and shamelessly harassed female students time and again.

The allegations suggest that he had made lewd, inappropriate comments about Kristen Hillaire Glasgow and had forced himself on Nefrititi Takla by pressing his body against hers and forcing his tongue into her mounth.

The lawsuit further alleges that UCLA authorities failed to protect their students against such harassment and did not even bother to properly investigate the matter when the two students approached them and reported Pieterberg’s behavior.

However, UCLA released an online statement which contradicts the allegations made by the students, saying that the university take complaints of sexual harassment very seriously and do not tolerate harassment or discrimination in any manner or form.

On the other hand, Pieterberg did not return calls made by media personnel seeking comment about the litigation that has been initiated against him.

Commissioners Office of Franklin County approve $22,000 settlement in sexual harassment case

A woman who alleged that she was sexually harassed has been paid an amount of $22,000 to settle her lawsuit. According to her sexual harassment attorney, the defendant in the case was, shockingly, a Franklin County Common Pleas Judge, according to 10tv.com.

The plaintiff has been identified as Elise Wyant who used to work as the defendants secretary. The judge in question has been identified as Tim Horton.

According to claims made in the lawsuit, Horton had send sexually explicit text messages to Wyant, because of which she resigned.

Defending lawyers said that the settlement should not be perceived as an admission of guilt. They claim that settlement was reached so as to avoid expensive and time consuming legal proceedings.

Against all odds, murderer gets support from men’s rights fanatics

As reported by Rawstory.com, a self-proclaimed guns rights activist whose Facebook profile was filled with meme’s and pictures that reflected his sentiments that all Americans should be allowed to own guns for self-defense was arrested after he shot and killed a female co-worker that worked in the same mall as him. According to police, Alex Kozak, a former Iowa mall security guard shot Andrea Farrington three times in her back and killed her because she had complained that he had sexually harassed her and he had lost his job as a result.


Kozak is currently being held in lieu of a $10 million bail and many people are wondering why he not on death row right about now.

What is most appalling is that there are actual people out there that say he cannot be blamed for his actions. They call themselves “red pillers” and they believe that Kozak was unfairly terminated and that sexual harassment complaints should not be taken so seriously. These people are in the minority. There are more people who believe he should be given the death penalty for his actions and the entire trial should take about 3 weeks.

The marvelous attorneys on the engaging website USAttorneys.com do not care about what some goofy people say – they want justice. Not only is Kozak not a team player and unprofessional – he is a murderer who cannot control his temper. There is a place for that type of person, 6 feet under.