Uproar in Omaha Community over Sexist T-shirt Sale in Popular Bar

A popular bar in Omaha received a lot of flak from the community for selling a sexist t-shirt that was worn at a Creighton basketball game this weekend. The t-shirt that reads: “We are not responsible for lost or stolen virginity” was being retailed at The Blue Jay Bar and Grill, which received a lot of negative response on social media from the community, following which they released an apology on Sunday.

Apology Tweeted

The bar tweeted on their Twitter account that they would like to apologize to the alumni and students of Creighton, as well as their fans for hurting their sentiments, after a student donned one of the controversial t-shirts to the game on Saturday.

They stated that the t-shirt originated from a sign that was in the bar since the 90s and that the new ownership had removed it since. They admitted that retailing the t-shirt was a ‘terrible mistake’ and were even urging people who had bought the offending item, to return it to the bar for a full refund. Other people did not have any issues with the t-shirt and were wondering what all the fuss was about.

The bar claimed that the issue was of utmost importance to them and they were taking every effort seriously to educate their staff. They also said that their top priority was the safety of their customers and they were in the process of converting the embarrassing issue into a ‘source for positive awareness’.

Creighton University Releases Statement

A statement was also released a statement by Creighton University condemning the sale of the t-shirt by the local bar. They stated that the incident ‘stunned and disheartened’ them and that the message was demoralizing and inappropriate.

The statement revealed that the University got to know of the offending t-shirt (only offending to some) when a student wore it to the men’s basketball game. The University stated that the t-shirt was not representative of their beliefs and values, and they strongly condemned sexual harassment, violence and discrimination. The University stated that they maintained a ‘zero-tolerance for these actions’.

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