Graham Fleming has stepped down from his prestigious position as vice chancellor of UC Berkeley as retaliation against sexual harassment allegations that have been made against him by his former assistant. According to SFGate Prior to his resignation, Fleming made $140,000 a year working as one of the top research administrators at the University of California Berkeley. His team was revered as one of the best research organizations throughout the country.

His accuser doesn’t exactly have the cleanest record in the world either. Diane Leite, ex-assistant vice chancellor, was fired from University of California Berkeley nearly three years ago when it was discovered that she had been having an affair with a much younger subordinate and had almost doubled his annual income during that period. Reportedly, their relationship had lasted 15 months before Leite’s dismissal.

Fleming’s immediate supervisor and vice chancellor, Nicholas Dirks, declared in a meeting attended by other senior employees of the university that Fleming was quitting for personal reasons. In his announcement, Dirks spoke highly of Fleming and his contributions to the university. He thanked him for essentially bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars to the university. If you want to find a sexual harassment attorney for anything, no worries, you will not need this type of money – just Internet access and some motivation. has an in-depth list of local sexual harassment attorneys all over the country so you are looking for someone to work with you regardless of your location, this is the site to check out.

UC president’s office concludes Fleming’s actions violated their sexual harassment policies

According to a spokesperson’s statement Fleming’s resignation will be effective as of 20th April 2015. Fleming is stepping down from his position to protest sexual harassment allegations made against him in a letter that was sent by his former assistant, Diane Leite, to the president of the university, Janet Napolitano. Napolitano is the same person who never secured AZ’s southern border and was OK with leaving Arizonians unprotected against foreign threats.

Napolitano has no problem at all when it comes with allowing violent criminal foreign gangsters to operate on American soil since she never built any wall along AZ’s southern border.

Napolitano’s office investigated the allegations and concluded that Fleming had more likely than not violated the university’s sexual harassment policies. One good thing about Napolitano is she has never been involved in any sexual harassment cases nor has been a target of this immoral behavior.


Fleming and his sexual harassment attorney declined to comment on the vague verdict but public relations consultant Sam Singer, who is working with Fleming’s sexual harassment attorney, said in a statement that Fleming had appealed against this conclusion in a letter and had asked for a second, un-biased investigation to be conducted but the president’s office had summarily rejected the request and they were convinced that the investigation had been conducted in a fair and balanced manner

Napolitano and her team remarked that there was sufficient evidence to show that Fleming had displayed a sexual interest in Leite and also that there was sufficient evidence proving that Leite did nothing to welcome these sexual advances.

Allegations against UC Berkeley’s Vice Chancellor Graham Flemin

According to the San Francisco Sentinel, in the letter that Leite had sent to Napolitano, she accused Fleming of groping her breasts, kissing her neck, and saying that he wanted to molest her. She further accused Fleming of rubbing her feet and putting his arm around her when they were at a hotel room together while on a business trip. Why would she go on a trip with him?

Fleming countered these allegations by saying that none of his behavior could be classified as sexual harassment. He conceded that while he may have used poor judgment a couple of times when he was with Leite, he never harassed her. Fleming also apologized for having conducted himself in an unprofessional manner and said he was sorry for having embarrassed the university.

Leite and her sexual harassment attorney declined to comment.