The vice principal of Bergen County Technical High School has been accused of sexual harassment by two teachers employed in the school. The first lawsuit was filed by fashion teacher Annamma George against the Vice Principal Jon Chevalier, who alleges that he walked in when girl students were not completely dressed, and stared at women’s breasts.

Should not the girls’ parents be filing this lawsuit?

The other teacher to become the second plaintiff in this lawsuit is Noo Rhee Kim, the English teacher who accused Chevalier of making unwanted comments and intruding on her privacy.

The school district has been accused of not taking prompt corrective action to address sexual harassment. Now they have a situation that has blown up in their face. A second teacher at Bergen County Technical High School is accusing the vice principal of sexual harassment, contending in a lawsuit that he regularly made inappropriate comments and invaded her personal space.

Sexual harassment attorneys said that the lawsuit has been filed in the Superior Court in Bergen County. The assistant superintendent of the school declined to comment, since the matter is under litigation.

Former PWD Director faces sexual harassment lawsuit

Public Works Director Donald Olbrich has been accused of sexually harassing an employee and denying him a promotion in retaliation.

A civil sexual harassment lawsuit has been filed by the employee, John James Jr., against his former boss, Olbrich. According to the document, James had to endure losses in terms of wages, sick days, because of the actions of his former boss. The harassment also took a toll on his mental health, causing of a significant deal of anxiety and stress, according to the lawsuit.

The sexual harassment attorney for Cumberland County said in his response that the claims were baseless, and he himself had investigated into the allegations. So he investigated complaints made against his own person?

The attorney for James said that her client who had worked for 13 long years in the department was treated in an unfair manner and denied promotion.

Olbrich was employed in 2009 as James’ supervisor and the director of the department, and the lawsuit says that the harassment began soon after this. Following the controversies, Olbrich quit his job in December last year. The lawsuit claims that Olbrich had homosexual tendencies while James was a heterosexual male.


Repeated harassment

The lawsuit cites an incident in which James and co-workers were trying to get the lids off some sand barrels and wanted to get some grease to pry off the lids. Olbrich apparently told one of the co-workers to get him the grease which he would use to put on James’ behind, according to the document.

Disgusting behavior

Another time in 2011, James noticed Olbrich standing behind him and staring at his butt, which made him very uncomfortable. He complained soon after this incident to a union representative. After the complaint where he was told to avoid contact with Olbrich (management dropped the ball clearly here), there was another incident where Olbrich compared a hose that James was holding to his penis, saying his penis was bigger than the hose, according to the lawsuit.

Some of these actions are a reason why there is sometimes violence in the workplace. No one should have to tolerate this.

Another indication unions are a massive disappointment

At this point, James filed a complaint again, but the union representative did not follow up on the complaint, according to the lawsuit. James, it seems, could have been a little clearer to Olbrich that he better never say that stuff to him again.