Midland, TX – While sexual harassment can often have an immediate psychological impact on victims, their long term career prospects can be affected in various ways as well. This can be manifested in lost income, missed opportunities, mental health issues, and other problems. Lawsuits against the business responsible that allege a hostile work environment or specific incidents of harassment are the best way for victims to receive compensation.  

Switching jobs

One of the most obvious problems for a victim of sexual harassment is that they may leave or switch jobs more often than necessary in order to avoid mistreatment. This can have long term economic impact if the victim essentially has to start over at a new company and lose seniority and other benefits. Periods of unemployment between career moves can also create significant financial stress. All of these financial losses tied to job changes or losses can be factored into damages, and the plaintiff’s lawyer will argue that the defendant should have to pay for them. 

Mental health

Research has shown that some women can experience depression related to episodes of harassment over a decade after the incident. Related issues with self doubt and lost confidence, along with anger and distrust of future employers can also affect career outcomes for victims who have already experienced mental health problems. This is especially true if victims had worked in spaces that had ongoing issues with a toxic organizational culture which was not fixed or corrected in a reasonable amount of time. 

Indirect problems

Because the U.S. federal government has to invest time and tax dollars into preventing harassment among employees and settling lawsuits, all taxpayers also bear the costs of sexual harassment over time. Millions of dollars are spent by the government each year on lawsuits and other issues related to harassment. 

Remedies from a harassment lawsuit

The main reason to file civil lawsuits is to receive compensation for various losses caused by the defendant’s behavior. In the case of harassment lawsuits, this is usually related to lost wages and income, along with periods of unemployment. Because the amount of compensation can vary highly from case to case, it is important for victims to retain legal help and discuss their issues further with an attorney. Conversations between an employment lawyer and their client are privileged and do not have to be shared during a trial or settlement negotiations. 

Local attorneys who dedicate their time to harassment claims

Moore and Associates is a trusted labor and employment firm that assists clients in the Midland area with various problems related to harassment, discrimination, unpaid wages, and related issues. Potential clients can schedule an initial consultation to discuss their situation and receive more specific advice. 

Firm contact info:

Moore & Associates

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