Odessa, TX – There are a number of steps that an employment attorney will normally take to prove that sexual harassment actually happened in the workplace. Victims should start their own process to gather evidence as soon as it becomes obvious that illegal behavior is taking place. There are a number of different behaviors that indicate a serious problem with harassment, and the victim can find ways to document these problems in such a way that evidence of harassment may be used in a civil case. 

Common ways that harassment happens and how to document these incidents

Any victim of harassment should document their superiors or others in the workplace asking for certain favors, whether they were sexual in nature or not. No worker can be forced to engage in various behaviors to keep their job, receive raises, proper pay, and promotions, or other additional benefits. This kind of behavior is often called a quid pro quo. 

Hostile work environments are another form of gender based harassment, especially when a worker is mistreated due to gender or sex. Any specific insults or adverse forms of treatment, along with the time and place these issues happened should be documented. 

Keeping copies of any forms of evidence at home and away from the workplace is important. This will help ensure that the victim has this evidence available, and the person responsible for the harassment in question will not have the chance to destroy things like documents or pictures. Things like text messages, emails, and written documents should be copied or backed up if possible. 

Any victim should contact their company’s human resources department and go through their formal reporting procedures. This will create a formal report of the incident and put the employer on notice. They are not allowed to retaliate against employees for reporting illegal conduct, and if they do, this can become the basis for additional legal action. The company should have procedures in place to ensure that the harassment stops after it is reported. 

Depending on the situation, it may be necessary to file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission within several months of when the incident happened. Legal professionals can assist with this process, and any worker who has experienced harassment should retain their own lawyer as soon as it becomes apparent that the problem is serious. The lawyer can handle most of the formalities and procedures related to a lawsuit for the victim. 

Attorneys can handle issues related to harassment and discrimination in Odessa

There are attorneys who deal with various labor and employment issues, including discrimination and sexual harassment. Moore and Associates is available to help clients in Odessa with lawsuits against their workplaces. 

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