Charleston, WV- woman has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Charleston, West Virginia doctor, John H. Pellegrini, alleging he abused her during her first and only visit with him.

Camilla Ramsey filed her lawsuit on March 28th, against the Hope Clinic and Dr. Pelligrini, accusing him of false imprisonment

In the suit Ramsey said she went to the Hope Clinic in September of 2012 for an exam, but she was shocked by what happened next. While on the exam table, Pelligrinni began massage Ramsey’s ankles and her legs. Ramsey alleges that the doctor then began to rub his penis along her body and legs. After he was done with the “examination” Dr. Pelligrini prescribed Ramsey medication to treat her symptoms.

Ramsey is seeking permanent injunctions against the clinic and Pellegrini, compensatory damages, out-of-pocket costs, punitive damages, plus court costs, the West Virginia Record reported.

Ramsey is the latest among nearly 20 women to allege sexual harassment and abuse at the hands of Dr. Pelligrini.

Last month, the embittered doctor was hit with a total of five lawsuits from former patients who alleged Dr. Pelligrini sexually harassed them. Carista Click, Kathy Keen, Michelle Dalton, Cheryl Bragg and Elisha Riffe were all seeking an unspecified amount of compensation for the abuse they say they suffered while in Dr. Pelligrini’s examining room.

The women allege, Dr. Pelligrini would press and rub his penis against their bodies during what should be routine medical examinations. In some cases, the doctor would achieve orgasm.

Back in 2010, Dr. Pelligrini was also accused of sexually abusing at least a dozen patients at the Larkin Correction Center.  He was also sued on 2011, 2013 and faced several suits this year.

A 2012, the West Virginia Board of Osteopathic Medicine suspended Pellegrini’s license after stating he was guilty of unethical conduct. The Board accused the doctor of committing repeated acts of unethical exercise of influence in the doctor-patient relationship and coerced his patients into sexual activity. The Board found that he was likely to continue his sexual misconduct and deemed him an immediate danger to the public.

But, despite his license suspension, Dr. Peligrini was hired at the Hope clinic. The five lawsuits filed last month also named the clinic and accused administrators of failing to check Dr. Pelligrini’s credentials before employing him.

Dr. Pelligrini was also the subject of a medical malpractice lawsuit in 2001 where he was accused of unnecessarily performing a hysterectomy on a patient.

Sexual harassment can affect the health and mental well-being of the victims especially when the harasser is in a position of authority and the victim feels powerless. Even if the victim feels, they aren’t; they have a course of action they can take to stop their harassment when their employer refuses to do so.

With the assistance of a sexual harassment attorney, a victim can seek compensation for their emotional duress and hold the abuser and their employer accountable for creating a hostile work environment.