VXI Global Solutions, a Los Angeles based call center company has agreed to pay up in settlement of a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on behalf of female employees of the call center company. The company has agreed to a $600,000 settlement in response to the lawsuit filed by the EEOC in September 2014, according to a Los Angeles Times report.

According to sexual harassment lawyers, the plaintiffs in the lawsuit alleged that since the beginning of 2009 they were sexually harassment and retaliated against by male supervisors. As many as nine employees alleged that they sexually propositioned and groped by supervisors on several occasions.

They claimed that the employees created a hostile work environment. In addition, male employees were also subjected to sexual harassment by female supervisors. They allege that they were accused of being gay if they refused to participate in lap dances and physical rubbing by female supervisors.

In addition to monetary relief to the nine employees, VXI Global Solutions has agreed to take measures to ensure that it complies with discrimination laws and will provide training for employees and management through a consultant who will formulate a centralized system for monitoring harassment and retaliation complaints.

A consent decree to this effect was filed in the US District Court in Los Angeles. As part of the settlement, VXI will conduct surveys at its offices throughout the US in Ohio and Texas in addition to Los Angeles. Incidentally, the company, a BPO and ITO solutions provider, has a global presence in China, Philippines, and South & Central America. Who knows what happens in those countries.

Hickory Public Housing Authority faces charges of sexual harassment and misuse of funds

The administrator of Hickory Housing Authority now faces allegations of sexual harassment while another official has been accused of misusing public money to fund personal gifts and conference trips, as reported by The Charlotte Observer. The allegations have been made by three former employees who sent a detailed 10-page document to federal officials at the US Department of Housing and Urban Development in June.

Some females can pay rent in other ways apparently

In their complaint, the employees allege that Hickory Housing Authority was a dysfunctional organization that was not managed professionally. Several female tenants also claim that one of the agency’s male managers propositioned them for sexual favors in exchange for paying their rent.


A sexual harassment attorney who is likely to file a lawsuit on behalf of the victims said that as many as six women have complained about sexual harassment by the Housing Authority’s manager and other employees. The complainants are understandably angry and frustrated according to the lawyer. Perhaps some are not though – this type of stuff is widespread. This is not good though and the sexual harassment attorneys on the site USAttorneys.com do not concur with this type of behavior. This type of behavior will only lead to a slippery slope.

More tax payer money wasted

Apart from sexual harassment, the former employees have also alleged that the agency’s Executive Director Alanda Richardson misused public funds. They claim that administrators and other officials were gifted with cosmetics, iPads, and ate at expensive restaurants with federal funds.

According to wsoctv.com, Richardson has refuted all allegations and claims that there was no misuse of funds. The city’s Mayor, Rudy Wright, has called for a meeting and promises to look into the matter. The housing agency that employs around 15 people and manages around 300 units provided to lower income groups receives an annual budget of $5 million. If you believe you have a sexual harassment case in North Carolina, there are some fantastic and hardworking sexual harassment lawyers on this site ready to hear your case. The consultation is free!