New York, NY– A powerful Wall Street CEO has been ordered to pay a former female employee $18 million to settle allegations that he sexually harassed her then retaliated.

The New York Daily News reports that a federal court in Manhattan ordered Benjamin Wey to pay Hanna Bouveng– a native of Sweden– $2 million in compensatory damages and $16 million in punitive damages. Punitive damages means Wey’s behavior was particularly depraved or disgusting.

Bouveng filed her lawsuit last July in which she described Wey as a “virulent sexual harasser and stalker.” She initially sought an $850 million dollar settlement.

She alleges that Wey, who made his money investing in the Chinese market, pursued her relentlessly for sex which she eventually acquiesced to on four different occasions at the apartment he rented for her.

Bouveng’s lawsuit also states that her former employer forced her to wear tight skirts and low-cut blouses to work. The married financier would purchase clothing for her which he ordered her to wear in the office.

She alleges she was pressured into the sexual relationship, otherwise she feared she would lose her job. It is that fear that led her to tolerate the misconduct for months on end. Once she spoke up and refused to continue on with their sexual relationship, he fired her and kicked her out of her apartment.

After the confrontation with Bouveng’s boyfriend and her firing, Wey used a personal blog to vent, characterizing his former employee as a street walker and prostitute, the New York Daily News reported. She alleges that all incendiary things Wey said on his blog sullied her name and

Wey was engaged in what sexual harassment attorneys call “quid pro quo,” which in Latin means “this for that.” This is such a common type of sexual harassment and is especially common when the boss is wealthy and powerful. They lure an employee into a sexual relationship in exchange for job security, pay raises, days off and other perks such as a paid apartment in exchange for sexual favors.

No job should be conditioned on person’s tolerance of sexual harassment or agreeing to an unwanted sexual relationship. No employee, male or female should fear retaliation for taking up for themselves. Employees have legal protections in place that protect them from sexual harassment and retaliation and should their employers fail to protect them, the victim needs to contact a sexual harassment attorney in New York as soon as they are able.

If you are being sexually harassed, USAttorneys urges you to reach out to one of our sexual harassment attorneys serving New York to help them with their civil case. Our team of employment attorneys understand the challenges sexual harassment victims face. It is difficult to get the harassment to stop and even more difficult to prove your claims in court. Our sexual harassment attorneys will work hard to prove their client’s claim and do what it takes to get a fair settlement on their behalf.