Seattle, WA– In spite of being prohibited, sexual harassment and discrimination still happen in Washington workplaces. These behaviors can be very toxic for employees and the entire workplace, but often the workers who speak out about harassment and discrimination are punished. Sadly, retaliation is just as common as other workplace abuses and can come in many forms, which our team of sexual harassment attorneys in Washington will discuss here.

Unfortunately, a sexual harassment victim is more likely to be treated with hostility, denied benefits or promotions or fired simply for filing a formal sexual harassment complaint. The three most common forms of retaliation include:

Reassigning the complainant

One of the most common ways an employer retaliates against an employee is to reassign then to a different shit, department or change the location where they work. This may end the harassment but can be an unnecessary inconvenience for the harassment victim and does nothing to address the actions of the harasser.

Denied a pay raise of promotion

Denying am employee a warranted raise or promotion is another way employers punish victims of sexual harassment and discrimination. When it comes time to give a raise of promotion an employer may reconsider because you caused problems or failed to be a team player. It’s not hard to figure out the harassment complaint is behind an employer’s choice to deny your raise or promotion when they can only provide a flimsy excuse.

Firing an employee

Many Washington employers decide to fire a complaining employee instead of taking action to put an end to the harassment or discrimination. Or, they insist the complainant resigns. An employer is not legally allowed to fire an employee for reporting workplace abuse, but it happens to a large degree. They may argue that an employee was let go for a legitimate reason such as not being good at their jobs or violating company policies. However, if the firing just happened to occur shortly after the employee files a complaint, it isn’t too much of a stretch to conclude that retaliation was at play.

Regrettably, too many employers are willing to ignore a sexual harassment complaint and handle the problem by punishing the complainant. Far too many incidents of sexual harassment go unaddressed, causing the victim to suffer financially and emotionally. They deserve the right to seek justice and ask their employer for compensation.

If you are the victim of retaliation, USAttorneys will help you find a sexual harassment attorney near your Washington location. Our team of attorneys are dedicated professionals who will work to get you the justice you deserve. An attorney, who specializes in employment law knows, how to prove your case and recover a generous settlement on your behalf.  Let USAttorneys connect you with attorney today to talk about your case and determine how to resolve your case and put an end to the daily abuse.

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