What are important points that employers should put in sexual harassment training in Missouri City?

Missouri City, TX – Many employers in Texas and around the country have decided to train their employees regarding sexual harassment policies and appropriate workplace conduct. This can help reduce the possibility of harassment happening in the workplace and related liability at a later time. Any employee training should focus on a few areas that are likely to be applicable to most problems in the workplace related to illegal harassment. Professionals in human resources and business owners can also seek legal advice when they are in the process of preparing training based on laws and procedures related to sexual harassment

Definitions and background

After a training session, employees should all have a basic understanding of the legal definition of harassment. This means that all workers need to know that harassment is an unwelcome form of gender based discrimination that can be verbal, physical, or both. Employers should also focus on how these definitions may be applied specifically based on the type of work that employees do on a daily basis. Sexual harassment can also involve non-employees such as customers and those on job interviews as long as illegal conduct is present. 

Workplace scenarios

Workers should understand how they are likely to encounter harassment in their particular workplace. This can include verbal harassment that is due to the victim’s gender, supervisors requesting sexual favors, or withholding benefits and pay due to a person’s gender. The training leader should provide examples of how this is likely to happen in their workplace based on common interactions and the business focus. 

How to identify and report harassment

Preventing sexual harassment is a shared workplace obligation. Workers should know that they can report harassment as a third party, even if they are not the victim. Everyone should also receive information about human resources workers or others who were assigned the task of receiving and investigating complaints. The employer should ensure that workers will not necessarily have to report harassment to their direct boss, as it is likely that this person may be the one responsible for the harassment. 

The individuals who receive complaints should also have specialized training regarding how to handle complaints, investigate them, keep victims safe, and ensure that there is no retaliation. If the victim receives additional negative treatment due to their reporting, this can result in additional lawsuits and more liability for the company due to the fact that any retaliation against victims is illegal and can result in lawsuits. 

Specific advice about sexual harassment

Moore and Associates is an experienced labor and employment firm that helps people with their workplace problems in Texas. Anyone who needs legal advice in Missouri City or other areas can contact the firm to learn more. 

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