Flower Mound, TXVictims of sexual harassment are put in a difficult situation because their income depends on their job. However, they know that their employer or other coworkers have also mistreated them, and they need various forms of help. Anyone who has experienced harassment at work should review the answers to some of the most common questions that victims ask lawyers and other professionals. 

Can an employer fire someone who has reported sexual harassment?

Retaliation against any employee who utilizes the legal process to protect their rights is illegal. An attorney for the victim can take additional actions against the employer when a worker suddenly loses their job after reporting harassment. If the employer mistreats the victim, they may be entitled to additional damages for retaliation, as well as the underlying harassment claim.

Who should be notified by the victim?

The victim should make it clear to the individuals or group responsible for the harassment that their conduct is not welcome. Then, they should report the incident to the designated individual or department within their company. If this does not resolve the issue, the person should file a formal complaint with the local workforce commission or employment commission, and get legal advice. Depending on the outcome of the commission’s investigation, a lawsuit may be necessary as well. Legal representation can be obtained at any point after the initial incident, as a lawyer can guide the victim through these processes.  

How does gender factor into sexual harassment cases?

Sexual harassment is considered a form of discrimination that is based on gender. However, the victim or the person responsible for harassment can be of any gender. It is also possible that the victim and the harasser are both of the same gender. 

Does sexual harassment require physical touching?

Sexual harassment can include either physical touching, verbal abuse, or both. There have been successful sexual harassment claims that were based on inappropriate words and language alone. If physical contact is involved, it is possible that the person responsible may also be prosecuted in criminal court for crimes such as sexual assault. 

Does a person need to be an employee to be a victim?

Sexual harassment can happened to people who are not employed by a company during job interviews. It is also possible that non-employee workers such as independent contractors can become victims. People in these situations should talk to a legal professional to decide the best course of action. 

Texas labor attorneys

Moore and Associates is a labor and employment firm that helps workers in Flower Mound and the rest of Texas. Their attorneys can help anyone who is considering a lawsuit against their employer. 

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