Houston, TX – All workers in Texas and the rest of the United States are entitled to be compensated properly for any work done. This can include being paid at least minimum wage, as well as overtime for any work in excess of forty hours per week. Despite these laws, some workplaces have practices that illegally deny workers proper wages for all time that was spent engaged in normal job duties. Legal help is recommended for workers who believe that they have lost wages or experienced other problems with their employer. 


When a worker reports some kind of illegal behavior such as harassment or discrimination, there is always a possibility that the employer can try to retaliate by affecting their pay. If a person who reported improper conduct is suddenly demoted or loses pay, this may be a form of retaliation. Any employer who retaliates against employees in such a manner can be sued in civil court. Their workplace may be sued for both the underlying offense, and for retaliating against an employee who reported illegal actions. 

Missing or incomplete records

All workplaces are required to keep accurate records of the time that their employees have actually logged during each pay period. They can be subjected to various sanctions if these records do not exist or they are inaccurate. Another problem with employers who do not keep proper records is that their workers may not be paid properly simply because of clerical or accounting errors. Any employee who is affected should ask to see documentation such as pay stubs or records of their total hours worked. It can also be beneficial for workers to keep their own basic records in case a dispute arises. 

Excessive hours without overtime pay

As a general rule, most workers will qualify for time and a half pay as long as they have worked over forty hours during the week or pay period. The workers who do not qualify may either be salaried, independent contractors, commission based, or ineligible if they can set their own schedule. A worker who has not been given overtime should check with their employer and ask for legal help if there are concerns about unpaid overtime wages. This issue is crucial for any worker who consistently logs over forty hours per week, as they may be losing thousands of dollars in overtime wages each year.  

Employment law attorneys in Houston

There are firms in Houston that can review any worker’s situation and provide legal representation throughout the process of wage and hour disputes. Moore and Associates is available to consult with any local worker who feels that they need help. 

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