What Are the Different Forms of Workplace Sexual Harassment in Arizona?

Workplace harassment in which employees are sexually intimidated and harassed is, unfortunately, more common than it should be in Arizona. Employees who are being abused either emotionally or physically should inform an attorney who specializes in dealing with such cases so they can remedy the situation as soon as possible. This form of abuse must be stopped as soon as possible as matters can escalate quickly and the last thing anyone wants is to be in an even more compromising situation than they are currently in.

Sexual harassment in the workplace is relatively common because those in higher positions know that employees have their livelihood connected to their job and they try to take advantage of this. According to Federal law, there are two types of workplace sexual harassment: Quid Pro and Hostile Environment. In Quid Pro, an employer or an employee who holds more power makes a promise to give benefits to an employee in exchange for an intimate favor. In Quid Pro an employer or higher up may also threaten to fire a person or cause them some other form of harm in the workplace if they refuse to comply with their demands.

In the case of a Hostile Environment, the employer makes sure to create a hostile work environment unless their demands are met. Anyone who finds themselves in such a situation should reach out to a sexual harassment attorney in Arizona. An attorney will educate them on their rights and will let them know what legal steps they must take to find relief and get out of this toxic situation they are currently in.

All employers are required to have certain employee rules that govern proper behavior and that prevent sexual harassment from occurring in the workplace. Employers should have a zero-tolerance policy regarding this behavior, and they should also provide obligatory training programs to reduce such incidences by as much as possible.

When should a sexual harassment attorney be contacted in Arizona?

An attorney should be contacted the moment a person feels like they are being harassed or they feel their safety is being compromised. If anyone in their office is making offensive comments or hanging offensive signs, even if they are not demanding any favors, their acts may still be considered harassment. If a person is groped or if their complaints to the management are not heard they should speak with a lawyer to explore any options that can keep them safe in their workplace.

Get in touch with an attorney who specializes in dealing with these cases as soon as possible to learn one’s rights and explore possibilities to stay safe while in the workplace.

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