What are the financial losses associated with sexual harassment in Texas?

Brownsville, TX – Many victims of sexual harassment end up attempting to find a new job or even switching careers entirely. This may be due to misconduct by the victim’s superiors at their job, or a workplace that seems to not care about this kind of illegal behavior. If this happens, the victim can attempt to bring a civil lawsuit to recover their monetary losses. Workplaces also sustain costs when they need to address issues related to harassment and update their training and policies in an attempt to prevent future incidents. 

Costs of harassment in businesses

Because sexual harassment tends to affect many aspects of workplace life, the costs for employers are significant. Productivity losses alone tend to account for approximately one thousand dollars annually per worker each year, or over two billion dollars in total lost productivity nationally. Various other administrative costs associated with handling issues related to sexual harassment such as investigations and training average several hundred dollars per work worker annually. There are also less obvious costs associated with absenteeism and having to hire new workers if a former employee has left due to harassment. 

Because these amounts are substantial, many companies now choose to invest significant time and money into implementing and enforcing a thorough sexual harassment policy, along with training and prevention.  

Costs for victims

A victim of sexual harassment tends to have very significant losses on an individual economic level as well. They may miss out on bonuses, benefits, overtime, and other potential income sources due to stress and mistreatment. If a person needs to leave a job or make a significant career switch, this can also result in thousands of lost dollars in the following years. Some victims who are severely affected by harassment may even require some kind of formal mental health treatment through therapy or counseling. 

Damages and civil lawsuits

The main purpose of all civil lawsuits, including those related to workplace harassment, is to help the victim recover and money lost due to the defendant’s conduct. In sexual harassment cases, this tends to include lost pay and income, expenses associated with a job search and relocation, treatment for mental health problems, and any other losses that the plaintiff can associated with the defendant’s conduct. As a general rule, larger damage awards through settlements and jury verdicts tend to come after more extreme and severe actions by the defendant.   

Meeting with an employment lawyer in Texas

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