What are the most serious kinds of sexual harassment that can happen in Boynton Beach?

Boynton Beach, FL – It is possible that some incidents of sexual harassment and related lawsuits will result in large amounts of compensation for a plaintiff due to the serious nature of the actions by the defendant. This usually requires showing evidence and facts that demonstrate egregious behavior or criminal activity. If the victims are successful in this manner, they may receive a favorable settlement or a jury verdict. However, the potential monetary value of any particular case should be discussed with a licensed attorney before any assumptions are made. 

Quid pro quo harassment

One of the most well known and publicized types of sexual harassment is when a supervisor, manager, or boss makes explicit mention of a subordinate engaging in sexual acts to keep their position at the company or receive benefits. This type of coercion is illegal, and it is referred to as quid pro quo harassment. Even one incident may be sufficient to bring a lawsuit for various types of compensation. 

Hostile work environments

If an employee is constantly ridiculed, mocked, or abused in other ways to the point where it affects their ability to work, they may make a claim for a hostile work environment. In sexual harassment cases, this is usually done due to the victim’s gender or sex, although any gender can potentially become a victim. 

Criminal activity

It is possible that some sexual harassment cases may have overlap with criminal actions such as sexual assault, stalking, voyeurism, and other illegal activities. A workplace may be liable because it has an affirmative duty to protect its workers and remedy misconduct shortly after it is discovered. In addition to criminal cases brought by the government against the people responsible, a victim may also have the option of bringing a sexual harassment lawsuit in civil court for compensation. 

Relevant cases

In 2014, approximately $490,000 was awarded to women who were victims of various kinds of workplace misbehavior in Florida. A man had placed video cameras in spots around the women’s restrooms, and then the footage was later discovered by an informant. The plaintiffs, represented by William M. Julien, had filed multiple claims alleging sexual harassment, emotional distress, invasion of privacy, along with facts that showed a hostile work environment. At the conclusion of the case, the jury found in favor of the victims and significant damages were awarded.  

More information from a local attorney in Boynton Beach

Anyone who may have had issues with sexual harassment in the workplace can contact William M. Julien for advice and guidance. The firm has significant experience with delivering results for clients who have become victims.  

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