Odessa, TX – All civil cases attempt to remedy a situation by making the defendant pay damages to the plaintiff. These damages are always relative to the specific harm caused by the defendant, along with the severity of the particular harm in question. In other words, minor problems or injuries tend to result in much less compensation than a life changing event. 

Losses caused by incidents of harassment

Sexual harassment often creates various types of financial and career problems for victims. They may be demoted, lose pay and benefits, and spend periods of time out of work entirely after leaving or being fired from a job. There may also be non-economic losses tied to emotional pain and trauma caused by the harassment. In extreme cases, this trauma may require therapy or other kinds of treatment that will increase the victim’s costs. 

Wage issues created by harassment and job changes

When a worker needs to leave a job or experiences related issues due to their employer’s actions, sorting out issues with pay tends to be an important remedy. Victims are often denied their proper pay and benefits, or they may lose wages entirely for a certain period of time. One of the most common remedies in employment lawsuits is back pay. These are the wages that a person would have received from the time the illegal conduct took place until the time of the settlement or jury verdict. Even things like vacation time, health insurance, stock and 401k options, and other forms of compensation may be considered as a part of back pay. There are usually limitations on back pay that will set a cut off date of two years or less. 

Future lost wages and income

Another large part of damages in many civil cases is the victim’s future earning potential or front pay that was affected by the defendant’s actions. In harassment lawsuits, evidence related to the time a person spent out of work, along with costs associated with  job search and regaining a similar paying position can all possibly be factored into front pay. The amount of time that the victim would have remained at their prior position if not for the harassment may also be considered by a jury or settlement agreement in determining front pay. As a general rule, future lost wages are usually a large part of damages in civil lawsuits. 

Employment attorneys in Odessa

Moore and Associates is a trusted firm that handles all aspects of labor and employment law for local clients in Odessa and nearby parts of Texas. Anyone who has issues with unpaid wages, harassment, or discrimination can contact the firm to get more information about civil lawsuits and compensation. 

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