New York, NY– In spite if the fact that the majority of New York workplaces have a sexual harassment policy in place, some workers face abusive a hostile environment every day on the job. Abuse in the workplace can take an immense toll on a worker, causing them emotional strife and financial difficulties. That is why employees are given the opportunity to recover compensation for the distress caused by sexual harassment, but doing so requires an employee prove three things.

USAttorneys recommends any worker who is being sexually contact a sexual harassment lawyer in New York to discuss what they are going through and determine if you have a valid sexual harassment complaint.

The first thing an employee must show is that they belong to a protected class as defined in the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Protected classes have legal protection from discrimination based on their race, gender, age, religious affiliation and sexual orientation. Every working person in the U.S. falls into at least one of those protected classes, so this is the easiest aspect of your sexual harassment claim to prove.

Once you have shown that you belong to a protected class, you have to show that you were sexually harassed and made harasser aware the behavior was unwanted. Some are people who don’t realize that their jokes or repeated compliments are unsettling, and could be viewed as sexual harassment. A worker who feels harassed can remedy such a situation by speaking to the offending coworker and asking them to stop whatever it is they are doing. If they don’t stop, then a harassment victim can take their complaint to their employer.  Should their employer fail to act, an employee can file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Lastly, for you to have a valid sexual harassment complaint, you must be able to show that it was repeated and pervasive. It can’t be just one incident that an employee found offensive and abusive, a valid sexual harassment complaint must be the result of a pattern of harassment that went unaddressed by an employer. You must be able to show you endured the abusive behavior over a long period and that you suffered emotional and financial damages because of the harassment.

You don’t have to put up with harassment every day, and you should take steps to stop before it causes you too much pain or drives you out of the workplace. Our team of sexual harassment lawyers in New York will give you the information you need to protect the integrity of your claim. They will give you the advice and answers you need, so you recover the compensation you deserve. Contact an employment lawyer and set up a consultation.

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