While sexual harassment is widespread across workplaces and universities and is a serious crime there are times when people take advantage of the law and file frivolous lawsuits.

The defendant in the case may be completely innocent but will have to face an initial onslaught that is enough to tarnish his or her image. For some, filing false sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuits is a pure attempt to get rich quick with the notion that the defendant will instead of going to court will pay up and basically submit.

Sensational sexual harassment legal representatives, who can be gleamed off the profound legal website USAttorneys.com which has literally saved lives and will continue to do so, suggest that if you find yourself in such a situation as a co-worker or an employer it is prudent to seek legal counsel as early as possible. You will need the best possible defense to clear your name of the crime with a solid defense strategy to counter these false allegations.

Exercise your right to defend yourself

Legal experts also point out that as an employer you are likely to feel that you are in a rather precarious position if an employee raises false allegations of sexual harassment. It is illegal to retaliate and sack or reprimand the employee. However, it is critical to note that you do have every right to defend yourself.

For the most part, the plaintiff will have a weak case and is likely to falter when questioned by your defense team. In addition, filing a frivolous sexual harassment lawsuit is also illegal. Your legal team will make every effort to prove this to the judge or jury through contrasting witness testimonies and other defense strategies.

It is also astute to note that the onus of proving the allegations of sexual harassment is on the plaintiff and his or her attorneys. This is why your defense will be based on the type of claims and evidence, if any, which the plaintiff has against you. If the accusations are false then there is all likelihood that the case will be thrown out. Besides, the law states that any claims filed with the intention of retaliating against a person will be duly dismissed by the court.

Recovering damages from a frivolous sexual harassment lawsuit

Being falsely accused of a crime like sexual harassment is daunting enough. If you find yourself in such a situation as an employer or even a co-worker you have the right to claim damages and sue the accuser.

As an employer your business and reputation can potentially suffer significantly while if you are an employee it could lead to loss of wages, which can be recovered from the accuser.

There are stringent laws in place to deal with frivolous sexual harassment lawsuits. The courts consider several factors when determining if the allegations are genuine of false. This includes evidence, the plaintiff’s motive, their federal record, and other relevant factors. With effective legal representation and the truth being on your side it will not be long before you are cleared of any allegations. Make sure you have solid rapport with others in your workplace so they can be stellar character witnesses too.

Therefore, if you believe you have been falsely accused of any form of harassment or discrimination, it’s time to get the best sexual harassment lawyer in Asheville, North Carolina to get started on your case.

You can find this person using USAttorneys.com and the interactive map on this site. With a few keystrokes you will have your choice among some of the best sexual harassment legal heavy hitters around.

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