As the story continues to unfold, it appears there is much more surfacing when it comes to Celeste Guap, 18, the girl who has come forward claiming she has had sexual relations with nearly 28 law enforcement officers in the state of California. Local sexual harassment attorneys in Oakland share with you some of the most recent news that has come forward, and led to the Oakland Police Department in California losing three police chiefs all due to “allegations of sexual misconduct.” It seems as though these officers, along with several others, may have had some sort of connection with the sex scandal that has Oakland’s mayor taking a stand.

There is already an abundant amount of controversy that comes along with police officers.

While you may already be aware, there is much controversy that comes along with many police departments. From police brutality to others exhibiting misconduct and imposing mistreatment to innocent civilians, this particular story has caught many by surprise as Oakland officers aren’t the only ones being called out.

According to NBC Bay Area News, Guap claims she “had sex with officers from the Richmond Police Department, the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office, and the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office.” The madness doesn’t stop there. Sexual harassment lawyers nearby in Oakland, California also point out that officers from Livermore and San Francisco weren’t necessarily in the clear as they too were recognized for their contributions made in the sex scandal as well.

It seems as though many of these officers engaged in sexual relations with Guap when she was a minor. Whether Guap consented to take part in the act or not, because she was a minor, the matter is automatically escalated to an “unlawful sex with a minor” case. According to many reports that have been released, Guap actually received something in return for engaging in sexual relations with these officers, which has ultimately led to this investigation, and the firing of many law enforcement officers.

Guap had even stated she had sexual relations with officers at the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office.

Sexual harassment lawyers local to you in Oakland note that Guap was recognized as a prostitute, and in order for her to steer clear of being caught or charged for her illegal actions, she would receive tips from officers she had sex with in order to gain insight on when a prostitution sting was going to occur. Now, three of Oakland’s police chiefs have stepped down from their posts, some claiming their reasoning for resigning had no correlation with the scandal itself.

According to, “Police Chief Sean Whent resigned on June 9.” Ben Fairow, who was the interim police chief was replaced, and the third, Paul Figueroa, resigned.

Unfortunately, sexual harassment legal representatives in California highlight that the Oakland Police Department “is no stranger to controversy” as they were under an investigation back in 2003 for “high-profile police brutality and racial profiling.” It seems they can add sexual misconduct and sexual harassment to their docket of cases as this one is sure to leave a mark.

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