Youngstown, OH– The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission receives thousands of sexual harassment and discrimination complaints each. The overwhelming majority of those complaints are legitimate, but in reality false claims are filed and the person being falsely accused needs to know how what steps they need to take to clear their name.

Once an employer receives a sexual harassment complaint, they have a duty to investigate the allegations through interviews with the accuser and the accused. Generally, these investigations are a carried out inside the company—very rarely do employers hire an outside third party for these investigations. That means that deciding whether a claim is legitimate falls to an employer and they can make mistakes.

If an employer does suspect the sexual harassment allegations are true they are legally compelled to discipline the harasser. In the worst cases, that can include firing the alleged harasser. Many employers know that the consequences for not taking action on a sexual harassment complaint is more damaging and costly than letting an employee go even if they suspect an accusation or false.

False sexual harassment allegations are usually very damaging to an innocent person with long-term implications. The falsely accused can be denied promotions and raises based or an employer can decide to just go ahead and dismiss the accused without solid proof of their guilt. Make no mistake that is in the interest of self-preservation since many employers will do whatever they avoid a civil suit. A false sexual harassment allegation can also make it hard for the falsely accused to secure future employment.

If you have been falsely accused of sexual harassment, you have limited avenues you can pursue, unfortunately. You can retain a sexual harassment attorney to conduct an investigation and set the record straight. That can prevent you from losing your job and keep the false accusation from tarnishing your employment history.

You also have the option of filing a defamation suit, but this can be a costly endeavor both time and money wise. You must be able to prove beyond a doubt that sexual harassment claims were false and those false claims caused you damage. If you can prove those two points you may have a successful defamation suit a can recover your financial losses and repair your reputation.

Sexual harassment is a serious issue that causes harm to the victims—the same is true of false accusations. USAttorneys recommends anyone who has been the victim of sexual harassment or has been falsely accused speak with a sexual harassment lawyer in Youngstown or other Ohio location. They will give you their expert advice on what course of action you need to pursue and will stand by you until your case is concluded.

You can rely on our team of employment law attorneys in Ohio to advocate for your rights and work hard to ensure a successful outcome to your case.