Many of the sexual harassment cases that have surfaced have involved individuals who engaged in physical behavior that violated a person’s rights. While it is common to hear and read about sexual harassment in the physical form, you should also be aware that it can occur online as well. With more and more people spending a significant amount of their time on computers, tablets, and smartphones, we must remember that online sexual harassment is a real issue that affects both men and women.

Online sexual harassment can come in many forms and it may involve someone you know personally, at work, or even an acquaintance you met online. Some examples of online sexual harassment include:

  1. You meet someone online and your friendship develops into something more intimate. This has become rather common in today’s society as many use social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to contact people they are interested in and begin engaging in conversation until it turns into something more. After speaking with this person for a few months, you finally give in to their requests for nude photos. Unfortunately, the “relationship” turns sour and you decide to end it. But, the person on the other end of the computer isn’t exactly content with this and releases your nude photos for the public to see which impacts your life in a personal and professional manner.

While this sounds like a hypothetical situation, it isn’t. In fact, one woman experienced something similar to this after she connected with an old high school boyfriend online [Source: CNN]. Their friendship developed into a romantic relationship and after it began to deteriorate, the male listed her nude photos on eBay and then posted them on a website. After some of her students and colleagues saw the photos, the woman was humiliated, and it wasn’t until months later that she was able to get the photos removed.

Other forms of online sexual harassment might include:

  • Someone sends you inappropriate or sexual photos you did not ask to receive.
  • Someone sends you inappropriate messages via social media, text message, or even through email.

Are you the victim of online sexual harassment?

Did you know that approximately “Twenty-one percent of women ages 18 to 29 said they have been sexually harassed online, more than twice the number of men in the same age group who say they have experienced it” [Source: Pew Research Center]. With this statistic in mind, it is clear you aren’t alone, but may feel as though you are with no one to turn to for help. The truth is, help is available and you can begin receiving it by simply contacting While you may not need to hire an Akron, OH sexual harassment lawyer just yet, it would be a good idea to consult with one if you were the victim of online sexual harassment.

The lawyers we can place you in touch with can explain what your rights are, what laws can be used to protect you in the event you wish to take legal action, and the many ways in which they can help and guide you through this difficult time in your life. So, if you would like to speak with a sexual misconduct attorney who provides their services to those residing in or nearby to Akron, Ohio, contact us today and we will be more than happy to help you.