What happens after sexual harassment is reported in The Colony?

The Colony, TX – Any worker who feels that they have experienced sexual harassment due to their superiors, coworkers, or even customers can report the incident to their employer. There is usually a human resources department or other person that is designated to handle such issues. The employer is supposed to take actions to try to eliminate the behavior and remedy the situation so that the victim can work safely again. However, this does not always work and sometimes outside intervention through a lawsuit or action from a government agency is needed. 

After the initial report

Most companies have their own internal processes to determine how to investigate a claim. The employer should take the report seriously and attempt to solve the issue. This may include interviewing people involved, reviewing evidence, and taking actions based on the company’s sexual harassment policy. In many situations, the employer should be able to resolve the issue so that no further action is required.  

Reporting to a labor agency

Various jurisdictions have labor agencies that can heard complaints as well and do their own independent investigation into sexual harassment and other forms of misconduct. These agencies will normally tell the employer what they should do after looking into the claim, and they can even issue fines or take other actions against a problematic employer. If the agency cannot resolve a claim for any reason, they will issue a right to sue letter to the victim that explains all other potential remedies aside from a lawsuit have been attempted without success.  

The possibility of a lawsuit

In situations where the harassment is serious or pervasive, the victim may want to take further action. This is especially true if they left their job or were terminated due to the harassment. Most lawsuits for serious cases of harassment focus on either a superior asking for sexual favors from the employee in exchange for benefits or continued employment, or a work environment that was so hostile that the victim could not perform their job duties and function as normal. 

If the victim is successful in receiving a jury verdict or settlement, they will receive various kinds of compensation. Their damages may include expenses associated with finding new employment, lost wages, and treatment for psychological problems caused by the harassment. However, there are also damage caps on sexual harassment lawsuits based on the size of the employer. The amount of available damages increase as the size of the employer grows. 

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