What happens when a sexual harassment case goes to mediation in Tyler?

Tyler, TX – There are various types of dispute resolution that are used in employment law cases and other kinds of civil lawsuits. The benefit of mediation and other similar kinds of negotiations is that confidentiality is preserved, the costs of going to court can be mitigated, and there is more control over the final outcome. Due to provisions in an employment contract or for other reasons, it may be necessary for issues related to sexual harassment to be resolved through mediation. An attorney who has experience handling workplace harassment can always be contacted for more detailed advice about these matters. 

What is mediation?

Various kinds of out of court negotiations have become more common in the legal profession, and mediation or arbitration clauses are often included in employment contracts. Mediation is basically just a type of negotiation where two adverse parties come together with a neutral mediator. In cases where the parties are more concerned about a resolution to a dispute than their financial incentives, mediation can be one of the best ways to move forward. A settlement for monetary compensation is usually also reached at the end of mediation, meaning the victim can still be paid for their losses without going to court and making their case in front of a jury. If negotiations break down in mediation, it may still be possible to proceed with the lawsuit in the proper court system as well.  

Coming to an agreement

The purpose of a mediation is to ultimately get both sides to agree on an outcome with the help of the mediator. This means that the victim and their attorney should prepare beforehand, mostly in order to get a realistic sense of the possible value of the action and a settlement amount range that is acceptable, but not too aggressive of a number. Other equitable remedies such as reinstatement can be discussed before as well, considering this can be part of an ideal resolution to the case when applicable. Part of the challenge in this process is having a lawyer who is a skilled and experienced negotiator available, as this can make a large difference in the victim getting closer to their expectations and having their financial needs met as well.   

Employment lawyers are available in Tyler

Moore and Associates is a labor law firm that works with people throughout the state of Texas. Anyone who has questions about unpaid overtime, wage theft, discrimination, or sexual harassment can schedule a meeting with their attorneys. 

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