What happens when someone who is not a coworker harasses an employee in Richardson?

Richardson, TX – Workplaces have a duty to protect their employees from various types of mistreatment, harm, and sexual harassment. This is true even when considering harassment from people such as customers or clients. If there is a situation where there is a lawsuit related to harassment by someone who is not an employee of the company, the victim’s employer can still possibly be named as the defendant and they will be responsible for paying the person’s damages. 

Before deciding whether a lawsuit is necessary, specific information about sexual harassment should always be obtained from a licensed attorney with experience in this area. 

Industries where sexual harassment by customers is common

There are a number of industries with lots of face to face time with customers that also have a high proportion of female employees. These repeated interactions make it much more possible that an incident of harassment will happen. Some of the industries where customers or clients tend to harass workers most often include retail, food service and bartending, gambling and casino workers, healthcare, and education.  

Reporting sexual harassment

Workers who are harassed by non-employees have a similar procedure to report harassment as with any other person. They can go to the company’s human resources department or other designated person and give all of the important details. The employer should intervene in some manner to ensure that the harassment does not happen again and start their investigation to see if the allegations are sustained and what type of discipline may be necessary. If it seems that the employer is unresponsive or not taking the allegations seriously, the victim should get in touch with a lawyer immediately. The attorney can try to take action through a lawsuit even if the employer takes no action.  

Damages in sexual harassment lawsuits

Someone who was subjected to a hostile work environment due to customers, clients, or other non-employee parties can ask for compensation for certain kinds of damages. Things like lost wages, costs of finding new employment, and mental health treatment costs are all possible as compensation. However, damages in sexual harassment lawsuits are also capped based on the size of the employer, with larger employers being responsible for higher amounts. 

Employment attorneys in Texas

Moore and Associates is a trusted labor and employment law firm that works with clients in Richardson and other cities in Texas. Anyone who needs assistance can contact them to learn more about harassment or labor regulations.

USAttorneys.com is a service that works with people who are looking for a legal professional in any part of the United States. People who are currently looking for lawyers can call 800-672-3103 for a referral. 

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