What is in a written sexual harassment policy in Georgetown?

Georgetown, TX – As businesses attempt to avoid liability and lawsuits associated with sexual harassment claims, there are various measures that may be taken. One of the first things any employer should do related to sexual harassment is to create a policy that is put in writing and available to all employees. This policy should define harassment and detail procedures for reporting violations, as well as administrative actions and punishments for offenders. 

The contents of the policy

While employers can decide to create a policy with any relevant information that they choose, there are a few items that will likely be in most policies. The policy should also be aimed at guiding employees in the right direction if they have questions or have experienced incidents that could potentially be considered harassment.

Some kind of opening statement that defines the company’s goals with their sexual harassment policy is usually a good starting point. The document should clearly indicate that sexual harassment is illegal, explain why it is illegal, and define the concept. There should also be an objective list that discusses how the policy will help to keep the workplace free of harassment and related incidents through enforcement of the policy. 

Employees should receive some kind of basic education about sexual harassment by reading the document as well. This can include relevant workplace examples, and also show what kind of behavior would not qualify as sexual harassment, even if the actions are inappropriate for other reasons. 

One of the most important parts of the policy is related to reporting, investigations, and enforcement. The employer should explain how a worker who is concerned can contact human resources or an assigned worker with their issues. There should be a procedure in place to document these incidents, have an independent investigation, and take corrective actions if necessary. Companies that cannot successfully complete these procedures are more likely to have to deal with lawsuits. 

Pursuing legal help

Workers who have had issues with sexual harassment should review the company’s written policy to check for compliance. It is possible that the employer is not properly following their own terms. It is also recommended for anyone who is considering legal action after an incident to have their attorney review the policy along with the details of their situation. The policy may become relevant during a formal complaint or lawsuit. 

Sexual harassment attorneys in Texas

Moore and Associates is a labor law firm that helps people in the Georgetown area and other parts of Texas after workplace incidents related to sexual harassment, wage theft, discrimination, and unpaid overtime. Local clients can get in touch with their attorneys to start the process of representation. 

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