What is Sexual Harassment?

If you live in the San Jose, CA area and feel you have been violated at work or in school and you aren’t sure as to whether or not the act is considered to be sexual harassment, you may want to discuss your matter with a sexual harassment attorney in San Jose. The fact is, sexual harassment can occur in various ways and can range in the seriousness of the act. While all forms of sexual harassment are to be taken seriously, sometimes victims aren’t aware they were mistreated because the act seemed insignificant.

To give you a better understanding of what sexual harassment is, it can be identified as unwelcome sexual advances or requests for sexual favors. It can be in the form of verbal or physical conduct and the person being harassed isn’t approving of the act. Unfortunately, sexual harassment is present in the work field and in many universities as reports of these accounts find their way to news headlines. 

The University of California is Being Scrutinized for the Lack of Reporting Sexual Harassment Case Details

The University of California is being recognized by Mercury News for several different reasons, one being the issue of sexual harassment that has allegedly been occurring on campus. The other issue that has arisen is that not only are employees of the university being identified for committing sexual harassment, but the names of professors and administrators have been blocked out of the report while janitor’s names have been exposed to the public.

According to the news source, US San Diego exposed senior custodian Erik Rivera who was reportedly fired back in 2013 for exposing himself to a coworker. Although it was said he was simply taking part in a game him and another coworker were playing, it was inappropriate behavior and deemed as harassment. Oddly enough, the name of a director of a department which has been left unanimous was censored by US San Francisco who not only sexually harassed his employees but also discriminated against them based on religion.

It was noted in the report that the man “used sexual innuendo while discussing hand gel with woman and talked during a management meeting about how men should give their wives or girlfriends breast exams and kiss their chests.”

To make matters worse, there were 110 sexual misconduct cases at the university system’s campuses from January 2013 to April 2016 and 66 of those named in the reports were blacked out. One of the concerns that may grow out of this is that these professionals who are highly regarded and left unanimous could still be teaching students while an investigation is being conducted and could potentially strike again leaving yet another helpless victim suffering from this misconduct.

Do I Need a Sexual Harassment Attorney?

As you can see, things have the tendency to become a little cloudy when sexual harassment claims are made. But, this shouldn’t keep you from reporting an act you feel might have been unethical and against the law. The San Jose, CA sexual harassment lawyers featured on USAttorneys can sit down with you and discuss the details of your matter and decide what form of action would be best to take.

Don’t wait to report your issue. Let an attorney give you the advice and guidance you need during this stressful and overwhelming time.

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