What is unlawful employment practice in sexual harassment cases in Pflugerville?

Pflugerville, TX – Employers should be aware of the potential for lawsuits related to sexual harassment. These kinds of incidents can be a problem, as workers may start to feel that they are unsafe, the company can face financial losses related to litigation, and the company’s reputation may be damaged as well if there is information about workers being mistreated. One of the ways that a company may be liable is through the imposition of a duty to prevent harassment through the Texas Labor code. Anyone who needs more specific info about how harassment happens and how it can be prevented can meet with a local labor attorney. 

Texas Labor Code

The Texas Labor Code says that an unlawful employment practice happens if there is sexual harassment happening in the workplace, and either the employer or a supervisor knew or should have known about the harassment and failed to take immediate action to correct the problem. 

Mandatory training for workers

Because sexual harassment and unlawful employment practices can result in liability for an employer, it is best for all employees and those in supervisory positions to undergo mandatory training related to workplace harassment. This kind of training normally includes a review of the formal legal definition of harassment, along with ways that it may happen in everyday situations, and how to spot it in the workplace and report the conduct in question. Some employers choose to work with harassment attorneys or other labor professionals to develop and implement harassment training that is both comprehensive and specific to the relevant line of work.  

The two types of sexual harassment

While there can be various types of workplace misconduct and disagreements, workers and those in management and ownership should know the two specific ways that sexual harassment happens. This includes quid pro quo harassment where a worker is told they must engage in some kind of sexual acts to retain their employment or receive benefits. There is also the possibility of a hostile work environment where a person is mistreated because of their gender or sex to the point where they cannot complete their normal job duties as required. These two kinds of harassment are legally actionable.  

Sexual harassment attorneys in Texas

Moore and Associates is a labor and employment firm that works with local clients in Pflugerville and other parts of Texas. Workers who have recently had issues with unpaid wages, sexual harassment, discrimination, or overtime violations can speak with their lawyers for specific advice. 

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