What kind of harassment prevention training do employers utilize in Texas?

Houston, TX – Awareness about gender discrimination and sexual harassment has grown in recent years, prompting many businesses to implement some kind of related company wide training and awareness. This type of education and programming is supposed to minimize or decrease the likelihood that a person working for the employer will become a victim of sexual harassment during their tenure. However, it is still possible that workers will be victimized, even when this type of training is available. Legal services from an experienced employment attorney are crucial once someone feels that they need help and want to bring a lawsuit. 

The structure of a training program

The program can be created and presented with by an outside firm that deals with harassment, or the company’s own human resources department can establish their own training system for employees. The main areas of focus for any training program include protecting the business from liability and lawsuits, prevention of incidents by management and employees who witness problematic conduct, reporting incidents to the right people within the company, and ways for management and administrative positions to correct the problems after they are located. 

Timing of training

Because a workplace can always develop problems with harassment in the future, training should be given to all new hires and established employees at regular intervals. This type of awareness and training should be visible enough to become part of company culture. A company cannot simply have one training session and then assume that there will never be problems with harassment. Workers should also feel comfortable bringing these issues up with the appropriate personnel.  

Outside problems

Certain industries do large volumes or work with vendors, contactors, and customers who interact with employees on a daily basis. While the company cannot control these individuals directly, it can inform its workers of their rights and how to report inappropriate conduct from any of these parties. If the conduct is serious enough, other businesses or individuals may be implicated in harassment lawsuits or other forms or formal action taken against the perpetrator.  

Other types of harassment

While sexual harassment is a serious problem, other related forms of harassment have been identified by professionals in the field. Things like bullying, verbal abuse, and discriminatory behavior all may be legally actionable by the victim as well. These kinds of harassment also cause serious problems for any employer that wants to protect its workers and image. 

Labor attorneys in Texas

Moore and Associates is an experienced labor and employment firm that operates in the Houston area. People who are having issues at their job can contact the firm to learn more about lawsuits against a workplace. 

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