What kinds of conduct from a worker’s boss are considered inappropriate in Fort Worth?

Fort Worth, TXSexual harassment laws are meant to protect workers from various kinds of illegal and unfair treatment. Many times, sexual harassment is committed against an employee by someone in a position of authority over them, although certain other types of harassment are illegal as well. Victims of mistreatment by their bosses may be able to get relief from reporting the incident and getting legal advice. There are lawyers who focus on various kinds of labor and employment issues for their clients, and they can provide more specific information about any issues related to workplace harassment.

Quid pro quo harassment

One of the more common types of sexual harassment that is clearly illegal is known as quid pro quo harassment. This is when an employee’s boss, supervisor, or someone else in a position of authority asks for sexual conduct in exchange for employment, to avoid termination, benefits, or to avoid other negative consequences. While this is common in situations where a male boss exploits their authority against a female worker, any gender can be a victim or responsible for causing this type of harassment. Any worker who experiences this type of treatment should document and report the incident as soon as possible, as this kind of behavior is legally actionable and can result in serious consequences for the employer and the person responsible.    

Hostile work environments

Any worker cannot be subjected to a hostile work environment that affects their ability to complete their normal job duties. While this can involve or implicate the victim’s boss, it is possible that coworkers, customers, or other parties can be responsible for creating and facilitating a hostile work environment. This is also a fact intensive analysis that will depend on the frequency and severity of the mistreatment. 

Damages in sexual harassment lawsuits

If an employer is liable for allowing a supervisory employee to engage in these kinds of harassment, they can be made to pay out various kinds of compensation to the victim. Damages in sexual harassment cases normally include things like the costs associated with finding new employment, lost wages or income, healthcare costs related to counseling and mental health treatment, and other types of financial losses that are directly tied to the employer’s actions. 

Employment lawyers in Texas

Moore and Associates is a labor law practice that works with clients in Fort Worth and other cities in Texas. Their attorneys provide advice about sexual harassment, unpaid wages, overtime law, and discrimination.

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