The Woodlands, TX – Both federal and state law protect workers in Texas from certain actions by their employers and other employees at their company. In most cases, the person is mistreated because of their gender, national origin, religion, race, immigration status, sexual orientation, or other characteristics that are protected by civil rights laws. The employer is not allowed to take any kind of negative actions against the person due to these characteristics. If the victim is able to obtain evidence of these kinds of illegal behaviors, they can retain a lawyer and start the process to formally file a lawsuit for various kinds of damages. 

Pay discrimination

Some workers may receive less pay than others in the same position due to a discriminatory motive by the employer. The worker can attempt to find concrete evidence that there are others being paid more for the same work through pay statements or other documentation. In some cases a conversation with the victim’s superior may be enough to remedy the situation, however it is also recommended to get legal advice regarding how to handle the matter before taking these kinds of steps. 

Sexual harassment

Even though it may be considered its own problem by many, sexual harassment is actually considered a form of gender discrimination. If someone is mistreated, terminated, or asked to perform sexual favors because of their gender, they can make a claim for harassment. Some of the most common reasons for sexual harassment lawsuits include a hostile work environment, or a worker’s boss expecting sexual actions in exchange for continued employment. Harassment claims have a separate process to file a lawsuit that includes exhausting administrative remedies within the company and filing a complaint with the relevant labor board or commission before a lawsuit can be brought. There are also damage caps on the amounts that can be paid out due to harassment based on the size of the employer. 

Performance reviews and discipline 

One of the less obvious forms of discrimination that employers commit is when they use some kind of performance metrics as a pretext for discrimination. If a worker has had several years of positive performance reviews, then suddenly receives poor reviews and is disciplined, the employer may be attempting to terminate the worker’s position. This is often done when the employer wants to fire the worker due to a protected characteristic such as race, gender, or religion, but they cannot overly do so. 

Legal assistance with labor law problems

Moore and Associates is an employment law firm that focuses their efforts on discrimination, harassment, unpaid wages, and other workplace problems in Texas. Workers in The Woodlands can call the firm to learn more about their services. 

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