What kinds of questions should victims of sexual harassment be prepared to answer?

Texas City, TX – When someone who believes that they have experienced harassment at work is going to report the incident, they will have to answer some questions. It is helpful if the person is prepared and if they have a clear and consistent story so that their employer can investigate or they can take other actions. In any situation involving potential harassment, a victim can also speak with and retain a lawyer to receive guidance throughout the process to report the harassment and file a lawsuit if necessary. 

When and where did the harassment happen?

The illegal conduct may have been a serious incident that only happened once, or there may be a hostile work environment where the victim was consistently mistreated because of their gender. The victim will likely have to give details about what the person or people involved did to make them feel uncomfortable. These kinds of facts are very important, as there needs to be an allegation of either quid pro quo harassment from a boss or supervisor, or a hostile work environment with multiple instances of harassing conduct for it to meet the legal definition of a sexual harassment case.

Who was responsible?

It is helpful if the victim can clearly identify who was responsible for the harassing behavior. This is true whether the person was their direct boss, another coworker, or even a customer or client. A group of people can also be responsible for the harassment in question. Any of these parties can potentially be implicated in a harassment lawsuit, as the company has a duty to protect its workers from this kind of behavior. 

Do you have any evidence of the harassment or ways to assist with the investigation?

If a person made inappropriate advances or comments through any kind of communications, these should be retained and shared as evidence. This can come in the form of written documents, text messages, emails, phone calls, video surveillance, or other formats. Even if the person does not personally have these kinds of pieces of evidence, they may be able to point their employer in the right direction by sharing details about the incidents in question. If the person responsible for the harassment committed any criminal acts, this should be reported to the police so that they can investigate and collect evidence as well. 

Sexual harassment lawyers in Texas City

Moore and Associates works with labor law clients in Texas City and other parts of the state. Workers who have problems with unpaid wages, overtime law, sexual harassment, or discrimination can contact their attorneys and schedule a meeting. 

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