What kinds of workplace problems can rise to the level of sexual harassment?

Port Arthur, TX – There are various kinds of disputes that can happen between people working together. In most cases, if this is a one time issue, it can be handled without a lawsuit or any kind of formal legal action. However, there are some more serious offenses that would fit the definition of sexual harassment. Anyone who believes that they have been harassed should notify the employer and get legal help if they think that the situation is becoming a legitimate case of sexual harassment. 

Excessive advances

When one employee continually asks another for dates or makes similar kinds of sexual advances, this can become harassment if it affects the work environment or affects the victim’s ability to do their normal job. In most cases, just one or two problematic verbal altercations can likely be handled by the company internally. However, if the issues become persistent, the victim should report the incident to their employer, and contact the Texas Workforce Commission or other agency. 

Superiors asking for illegal favors

One of the most common kinds of sexual harassment is when a person’s boss or supervisor asks for any kind of sexual favors or other illegal conduct in exchange for benefits or as a continued condition of employment. This is normally referred to as quid pro quo harassment. It is actually a very serious offense, and even one episode of this kind of abuse by superiors can result in legal action.

Physical touching

When physical contact gets to the point where it becomes sexual or borders on assault, this may be grounds for a lawsuit or even criminal charges. Any incidents of inappropriate physical contact should be reported to the employer or the police if necessary. If the employer does not take immediate action, it can be important for the victim to try to get evidence, other witnesses, and build a civil or criminal case as necessary. 

Remedies for victims

The employer should notify the person responsible and have them stop the behavior in question. They may also need to conduct an investigation and take disciplinary action. If the victim has reported the conduct to a local labor board, they will probably do their own investigation as well. Civil lawsuits against employers reward the victim with monetary compensation that can be due to lost wages, expenses toward finding a new job, and treatment or counseling. However, there are also damage limits on the amount that is awarded which varies based on the size of the employer. 

Employment lawyers are available

Moore and Associates focuses on sexual harassment and various workplace problems for clients in Port Arthur and other parts of Texas. Anyone who needs assistance from a licensed attorney can get in touch with the firm to learn more. 

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