What Laws Protect Against Sexual Harassment in Arkansas?

Federal law as well as state laws protect individuals from being harassed, especially when the harassment is sexual. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act specifically focuses on the protection of employees from facing any form of sexual harassment in their workplace.

Before a person files a claim due to this form of abuse, they must first recognize what is going on with them and they must be able to identify it as harassment. According to the law, sexual harassment does not have one set definition, but it is basically when a person is compelled to face unwanted sexual advances, or they are asked for intimate favors. Sexual harassment can also include verbal, written, or physical conduct that has abusive connotations to it.

What most people who undergo sexual harassment are not aware of, is that sexual harassment counts as a form of discrimination. For instance, when a woman is sexually harassed at the workplace, she is being discriminated against because of her gender and the same applies to a man who is abused in this manner.

Both men and women are protected from sexual harassment and the first step anyone should take when they suffer in this way is to tell someone with authority about what they are experiencing. If a person is harassed in their workplace, they should tell their boss or they should inform the management. If they are harassed at school, they should tell the teachers or the principal. The unfortunate truth is that many times individuals are harassed by those in authority.

If a person finds themselves in such a situation where they have no one to tell or their words are not being heard, then they should immediately call a lawyer who specializes in dealing with cases of sexual harassment.

Who are employees protected from in Arkansas?

All employees are protected from facing sexual harassment in the workplace by fellow employees, individuals in authority, and even clients and customers. If a person is harassed by a customer, they still carry the right to file a legal complaint so they can find the safety and security they need to continue working in the same place again.

Employers are required to take the appropriate action and make changes to ensure a person’s safety as soon as they inform them about the harassment. If the employer does not respond, or they take a long time to act, a person can get the help of a lawyer to help speed up the process.

Get in touch with a sexual harassment attorney as soon as possible to prevent the abuse from escalating and to find a legal solution to one’s current situation.


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