What should a worker in Temple do if they are being paid less than minimum wage?

Temple, TX – There is a federal minimum wage law, and states can pass their own laws that increase the amount which must be paid to all workers. The minimum wage that applies to workers in Texas is the same as the federal minimum wage. 

Despite these protections, some employers try to find ways to illegally pay workers less than this rate. Anyone who feels that they are not being paid properly should start to keep their own records of their hours and pay rate, and get help from a labor attorney. Lawyers who deal with wage theft and other pay violations can review all evidence provided by the worker and decide on a course of action. The employer may possibly be sued for all of the outstanding wages that the worker is owed, along with interest and other forms of damages.  

Exceptions for certain workers

There are a few categories of workers, such as those who receive tips, who do not receive standard minimum wage protections. Student employees, some agricultural workers, and people engaged in prison work programs are some of the other workers who are not protected by these minimum wage laws. If an employee does receive tips, the employer is not allowed to keep these or take a cut of the worker’s tips. 

Improper deductions

Some employers may actually pay the minimum wage rate, but illegal deductions make the person’s wages drop below this rate. Workers should be subject to deductions for taxes, social security, benefits, and a few other legal items. However, some employers try to charge their workers for things like materials and supplies necessary for the job, which is illegal in most cases. It is also possible that a dishonest employer may simply make up categories of deductions to be taken out of a worker’s pay.  

Reporting violations

Anyone who feels that their employer is violating these laws can report them. This can either be done through the Texas Workforce Commission or the federal Department of Labor. There is a formal complaint procedure, and the agency will investigate their claims and take any action necessary against the employer. It is possible that the employer can be fined or face other sanctions for illegal behavior. They are also not allowed to retaliate against a worker who reported violations by terminating their employment or mistreating them in other ways. The worker should try to report these issues as soon as realistically possible, as there is a time limit for unpaid wage claims

Labor lawyers in Texas

Moore and Associates is a firm that is available to help workers in Temple and other cities throughout Texas. Their attorneys provide advice about discrimination lawsuits, sexual harassment, unpaid wages, and violations of overtime and minimum wage laws. 

Firm contact info:

Moore & Associates

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