What Steps Should You Take Before Contacting a Sexual Harassment Lawyer?

If you have been experiencing unwanted behaviors that are sexual in nature, the first thing you need to do before contacting a sexual harassment lawyer is to let the offender know that their conduct is unwelcome and they need to cease their actions immediately.

Being a victim of sexual harassment, you might not be in the mindset to focus any of your attention on keeping track of the harassment, but it is wise to record the incidents when they happen so you have a valid log of what has happened and when. Any conversations, emails, text messages, or other proof you might have that the harassment took place will be evidence that you can use against the perpetrator should you decide to take legal action.

If after confronting the offender they continue their unwanted sexual advances or actions, elevate the matter to a supervisor. File a formal complaint with your firm’s human resources department and let them know exactly what happened. While victims may feel embarrassed to come forward or afraid that the offender will terminate their position or retaliate, it is important to know that victims are protected by law against any retaliation.

If the harassment still doesn’t stop after bringing the matter up with a supervisor or human resources department, seek the help of a sexual harassment attorney to file a case. Sexual harassment lawyers defend your rights and make sure the harasser is brought to