It is no secret that sexual harassment isn’t confined to the workplace but to school and college campuses as well. Statistics from the Association of American Universities Campus Climate Survey on Sexual Assault and Sexual Misconduct are alarming to say the least.

Sexual harassment a bane in educational institutions

According to survey conducted on 150,000 students on 27 American college campuses, as many as 47.7% of the respondents said they were victims of sexual harassment. Of this, nearly 62% of undergraduate women claimed they were sexually harassed through inappropriate comments about their sexuality while over 20% alleged they were victims of sexual assault.

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Title IX – designed to protect students but based on political correctness

Every university is expected to have a sexual harassment policy. According to Cleveland OH sexual harassment lawyers, under federal and state law, any form of sexual harassment is prohibited. Cleveland State University, like many other universities also has a sexual harassment policy.

The comprehensive federal law in force across the country is Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972. It covers every individual including staff and students in an educational institution such as local school districts, colleges, libraries, museums, technical education agencies, and more. Title IX is designed to protect students from any form of sexual harassment and violence on campus and mandates that a school takes immediate steps to investigate any complaint and implement measures to protect its students.

The problem with Title IX is that it assumes as many females want to play sports in an equal proportion as males. Many people believe this is not the case. Title IX set up sports in some universities that are not logical. For instance, at ASU or Arizona State University, it cut men’s wrestling in favor for woman’s crew. Wrestling is certainly a much more useful sport whereas crew is basically useless. What is a crew team doing in the middle of the desert anyway?

Regardless of this, sexual harassment should not be tolerated.


Filing a complaint – the options

According to Cleveland, OH sexual harassment attorneys, students have the right to file an internal complaint with their school authorities if they face any form of sexual harassment. In response, the school must take appropriate steps such as banning the perpetrator from contacting the victim, expelling the perpetrator or changing their class schedule.

If you are a victim of sexual harassment on campus you can also file a complaint with the US Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) if you aren’t satisfied with the way the school has conducted or failed to conduct an investigation. This agency is the federal watchdog for enforcing Title IX.

Title IX, according to Cleveland OH sexual harassment lawyers, covers all forms of sexual harassment and violence. In addition, it prohibits gender-based harassment such as nonverbal, verbal, and physical aggression, intimidation, and creating a hostile environment, even if these acts are not of a sexual nature. Every student both local, out of state, and international has the right to protection under Title IX and retain the right to file a lawsuit under Title IX.

Complaints can also be addressed to the OCR within six months of the incident. Another advantage is that students who believe their school does not meet its obligations under Title IX can file a complaint with the OCR. They do not have to be a direct victim in order to file a complaint.

If you are victim of on campus sexual harassment, you have the right to decide whether to make a police report. If you decide against it, this won’t dilute your rights under Title IX. Victims have the option to file a complaint with the school, police or OCR and may even choose more than one process. Several states have organizations that provide legal aid at little or no cost while there is always the option to consult a sexual harassment lawyer right away.

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