When should a person who feels that they are being harassed in Carrollton get a lawyer?

Carrollton, TX – There are various kinds of workplace issues that can be considered sexual harassment. However, if a victim wants to take legal action, they should get advice to determine if the issues they are experiencing are legally actionable harassment, or if they can be handled in other ways. If there is harassment taking place, the employer can be liable for costs such as any lost income or wages, therapy or other types of treatment, as well as costs of finding a new job if necessary. 

When the victim’s ability to work is affected

One type of sexual harassment is called a hostile work environment. This is when a person is mistreated through any kind of verbal or physical conduct to the point where they feel that they cannot work as normal, and the poor treatment is because of the person’s gender or sex. When this is severe enough that the person cannot work and fulfill their job duties because of this problem, this is a legally actionable claim for a hostile work environment, and it is considered a type of sexual harassment. 

Mistreatment from a boss or supervisor

A very common form of harassment that is also capable of resulting in a lawsuit is called quid pro quo harassment. This is when a person’s manager, supervisor, or others in a position of authority tell the victim that they need to engage in certain kinds of sexual acts to receive raises, promotions, benefits, or retain their job. If this kind of situation takes place, the victim should notify the appropriate person or department in their company, and then get legal advice regarding how to handle the problem. Ideally, the employer should take action to ensure that the abuse stops.

If the person has experienced severe forms of physical mistreatment

There are serious forms of misconduct that can result in unwanted physical contact or assault by a coworker, another employee, or even customers at a businesses. The victim can meet with an attorney and contact local law enforcement if they feel that a crime has been committed. Depending on the specifics of the situation, the employer may be liable in a civil lawsuit as well in addition to the criminal charges against the person responsible. 

Sexual harassment lawyers in Texas

Moore and Associates is a labor and employment firm that helps people in the Carrollton area and other parts of Texas. Anyone who is having problems with sexual harassment, unpaid wages, overtime laws, or discrimination can meet with their lawyers to learn more. 

USAttorneys.com is a site that helps people find local legal professionals in their area. Those who need to speak with a legal professional can call 800-672-3103

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