Workplace harassment should never be overlooked or ignored. Anyone who is being abused, harmed, or intimidated in their workplace should connect with a sexual harassment attorney to make sure they are not harmed any longer.

Sexual harassment includes:

  • When employee submission is expected as a condition of employment
  • When employment decisions are made based on how well an employee submits or if they reject the implicit or explicit demands
  • When the comments or actions of the abuser start harming a person’s work performance due to the hostile environment that they are in
  • Sexual comments made to create a hostile environment

If a person faces any of the above, they are facing sexual harassment and they should make sure they speak to a legal professional who can help them defend their rights as soon as possible.

Filing a sexual harassment complaint in Indiana

Anyone who suspects they are suffering from sexual harassment should not wait before filing their claim. The longer the wait, the more chances the abuser will have to act, and this can unnecessarily prolong the traumatic experiences the victim is being forcefully subjected to.

Individuals must report the harassment to authorities as soon as possible to ensure their security and the security of their fellow employees. Individuals should make sure they are recording the abuse so they can submit all the statements and the times they took place when making their legal complaint. The first authority a person should contact is their employer. If the management fails to act, then a person should turn to a sexual harassment lawyer to help them fight for their rights.

It is important to note that if a sexual assault occurs, a person should contact the police as soon as possible and let them know what happened so the abuser can be stopped. It is always a good idea to call an attorney before speaking to anyone else to make sure that one’s case is taken seriously and the harm they suffered is not simply overlooked.

The sooner a person files their response, the better it is. However, there are no serious legal consequences to filing these sorts of complaints late due to their sensitive nature. Facing sexual harassment is very traumatic and it can make a person feel weak and scared. Anyone who is subjected to such abuse should try to gather their courage as much as possible and speak to a lawyer who specializes in dealing with such cases. An attorney will educate them on their rights and let them know what course of action they should take so they can enjoy going to work once again.

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