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Who Can Help Me With My Sexual Harassment Lawsuit in Oakland?

It’s easy to feel alone if you have been sexually harassed at your workplace. This is especially true if your co-workers and supervisors seem to dismiss your complaints, pushing everything under the rug and continuing as if everything was normal. But as daunting as this situation may seem, it’s important to understand that you’re not alone. You can call upon a wide variety of qualified professionals to help you, and these individuals can support you as you seek justice.

A Qualified Sexual Harassment Attorney

First thing’s first: you’re going to need help from a qualified, experienced sexual harassment attorney in California. These legal professionals can provide plenty of support. During your initial consultation, your attorney can explain what will happen as you move forward with your lawsuit. This can help you become familiar with various legal terms, and you can also start to understand how much compensation you might be able to receive for your damages.

After you’ve established a solid understanding of how a sexual harassment lawsuit works, you can start to move forward. At this point, your attorney will handle paperwork on your behalf, negotiate for you, and represent you in court. Having a qualified lawyer by your side can be comforting, and they can make speaking out easier.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Also known simply as the EEOC, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is another valuable ally for anyone dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace. If you have reported the harassment to your superiors and no action is being taken, you need to inform the EEOC as soon as possible. This government agency will help you hold guilty parties accountable, and they will be an active component of the lawsuit.

Before the lawsuit, the EEOC will launch an official investigation to see whether the Civil Rights Act has been violated in any way. In the case of a sexual harassment lawsuit, they will be looking specifically for Title VII violations. You and your attorney can provide the EEOC with evidence in order to help this investigation.

Mental Health Professionals

You should also consider reaching out to a mental health professional after suffering sexual harassment. These incidents can be incredibly traumatic, and a trained therapist can help you heal in a healthy manner. Remember, you can receive compensation for your psychological treatment, as this is considered a medical expense caused by your harassment.

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today

If you’ve been searching the Oakland area for a qualified, experienced sexual harassment attorney, there are many legal professionals waiting to assist you. With their help, speaking out and seeking justice can seem much easier. This is often the first step towards a sexual harassment lawsuit, so don’t delay. Remember, you may be barred from taking any legal action if you wait too long. Book your consultation today.

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