Who is Granted Child Custody?

Who is Granted Child Custody?

In the event that a couple wishes to file for divorce and has children, child custody arrangements need to be resolved. While primary child custody was once granted to the mother without contestation, many state divorce laws currently do not favor one parent over another. Instead, both parents are given equal custody, unless they are rendered incapable of caring for the child.
Several factors are considered when determining child custody. The following are areas which courts will consider what determining child custody arrangements:

• Health and safety of the child
• The relationship the parent has with the child
• Age of the child (if over a certain age, the child may choose who they want to primarily live with)
• Distance between the parent’s house and the child’s school
• If the parent has a history of physical abuse with the child
• The parent’s own physical and mental health
• Ability of the parent to provide for the child
• Whether the parent has a substance abuse problem

If you are filing for divorce and attempting to get primary custody, or if you are already divorced and wish to change the terms of your child custody agreement, contact a divorce attorney in your area immediately to file a case. Divorce lawyers will fight for your rights and will formulate a plan of action that is in the child’s best interest.

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