Houston, TX—A property owner or operator can sometimes be held liable for a sexual assault incident if they did not fulfill their duty to keep their property safe. Property owners are not only expected to maintain their premises so that they are free from hazards but they are also required to ensure they are reasonably safe to enter.

Property owners or operators who fail to do this can be recognized in a premise liability lawsuit for their negligence and sued for damages (i.e. financial relief).


Examples of When a Property Owner in Texas Can be Held Liable for Unsafe Premises


Crime happens everywhere and not all criminal acts can be prevented. However, there are safety measures property owners can take to reduce the chances of a crime occurring on their premises. Security cameras, gates, security guards, adequate lighting, etc. are just a few ways property owners can secure their property and discourage individuals from committing a crime on it.

Unfortunately, not all property owners implement the necessary safety measures to keep guests safe and as a result, people get hurt. Below are just a few examples of when a property owner who failed to satisfy their duty of care can be held accountable for sexual assault incidents:


  • Broken safety gate. One of the reasons why some apartment complexes install gates is to keep unwelcome visitors out. But, if a gate is constantly malfunctioning or doesn’t work at all, then it is ineffective at keeping the property safe. If an individual were to enter an apartment complex and sexually assault someone who was walking to their vehicle or utilizing an amenity, they could potentially sue the property owner if they can show it was the broken safety gate that allowed the perpetrator the opportunity to commit the crime.


  • Inadequate lighting. Places where crimes are likely to be committed should be adequately lighted so that any individuals considering committing an offense rethink it. Parking lots and ATMs are just a few places where there should be adequate lighting. If a bar owner or nightclub operator neglected to ensure the area around their property was lighted in a way that it would deter people from committing crimes, they can be held accountable if someone is sexually assaulted on their property.


If someone was sexually assaulted on public or private property in Houston, TX and they would like to find out if they have a case against a property owner, the Houston sexual assault lawyers at Blizzard Law, PLLC would be happy to assess their case. If an individual has a valid case against a property owner, the sexual assault lawyers at Blizzard Law, PLLC will assist them with recovering compensation for things like pain and suffering, mental anguish, and more.


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