New York, NY– Philippa Okoye, wife of San Francisco 49ers’ defensive end Lawrence Okoye filed a lawsuit earlier this week, accusing her former boss of sexually harassing her.

The New York Daily News reported that Okoye filed her lawsuit Monday in a Manhattan court in which she accuses, CEO of deVere Group Benjamin Alderson of sexual harassment. As the only woman in the office, she said she quickly became the target of ridicule and an inappropriate sexual and racist comments.

According to the Daily Mail, coworkers made numerous comments about her relationship with Lawrence—she’s white and he is black, with one employee going so far as to say that dating black man—the couple wasn’t married at the time—is “disgusting.”

Philippa accuses Alderson of being the main perpetrator who wanted to model the office after “The Wolf of Wall Street.” The film glamorizes drug use and paying for strippers and prostitutes are regular occurrences in the workplace. She alleges that when she started her job he asked her, “So can you handle the banter or are you going to be a woman about it and be sensitive?”

She alleges she endure the racists and sexist comments for months until she complained. After her complaint she was demoted and was eventually fired, according to the Daily Mail.

Philippa, who is British-born, suffered anxiety out of fear she would lose her work visa.

In a statement, Alderson accused Phillippa of being a “disgruntled” employee who was fire for legitimate reasons and denied the allegations outlined in her suit.

Many sexual harassment victims are accused of being too sensitive if they complain about sexual harassment.  Their claims are dismissed, disregarded and frequently ignored so the harassment is allowed to persist for months and often years. Overtime dealing with repeated sexual harassment can cause the victim undue stress and anxiety that can affect their physical well-being.

Sexual harassment is embarrassing, degrading and humiliating for the victim and the fact that their employer is not taking any steps to stop only makes things worse for a victim. A person shouldn’t have to endure this every time they go to work, and if their employers refuses to help them, they are encouraged to contact a New York sexual harassment attorney.

If you are being sexually harassed and have tried to get your employer to do something about it. Or you have been fired for reporting sexual harassment, whether you were the target or a witness, you need someone on your side who understands workplace discrimination laws and can work within those laws to get you the compensation you deserve for your mental anguish and loss of wages. USAttorneys can help you get in touch with an experienced sexual harassment attorney in your area so you can get hold your employer and harasser accountable for subjecting you to a hostile work environment. With their legal assistance you may be awarded a generous settlement.