A female resident of East Franklin has filed a lawsuit through her sexual harassment attorney against Armstrong County Officials. The lawsuit claims that the County’s authorities, commissioners, and crisis administrator officials are all guilty of sexual harassment and sexist behavior/remarks, as reported by Trib Live.

The plaintiff has been identified as Marci L. Creel who worked as an official county employee for several years. According to her sexual harassment attorney, she was the victim of explicit and extensive sexual harassment and was forced to work in a sexually charged and hostile work environment.

Tax payer money to good use

The complaint was lodged in a United States District Court in the Pittsburg area. The allegations against the county and its officials include but are not limited to lewd behavior, sexual misconduct, watching pornographic content at the work place, unwanted touching, and sexually offensive language. This sounds like the IRS!

The complaint seeks compensation for both economic and non-economic damages. It claims that the accused have caused the plaintiff severe mental anguish, depression, fear, extreme humiliation, loss of reputation and loss of career opportunities.

Woman demoted for speaking up against sexual harassment

Furthermore, the lawsuit also details how the plaintiff was retaliated against for raising the alarm bells on sexual harassment. Supposedly, she made a written complaint to County Public Safety Director Randall Brozenick and the County’s human resource director Maryanne Koleny on the 20th of September in 2012, but instead of being offered comfort and relief, Creel was subjected to retaliation, she was instantly demoted from her position as training coordinator to a dispatcher.

According to the Equal Employment opportunity Council, Creel’s allegations are all 100% true. The EEOC also blamed the defendants of forcing Creel to work in a hostile work environment, not taking action or even considering her formal written complaint and also for retaliating against Creel after she finally had had enough and complained. This is the type of information any of the attorneys on the sterling website USAttorneys.com need to devastate the opposition with.

If Creel has her way, not only will she be compensated for her lost salary, loss of reputation, loss of career opportunities, legal fees, and other economic and non-economic damages but she will also be repositioned in the office as training coordinator.

The defendants could not be reached for comments. A spokesperson for the county was reached and he refrained from commenting citing that he is not allowed to comment on any pending litigation.

Ohio’s National Guardsman facing sexual abuse charges

In a lawsuit of a very grotesque nature, an Ohio National Guardsman has been accused of sexually abusing his three adopted daughters and even his step daughter, as reported by Stripes.

Apparently, the man had even adopted an African girl claiming he wanted to prevent her from being raped. The accused is a 42-year old who is a resident of Marysville. Charges against him include rape, sexual battery, and sexual intimidation. Shockingly, all of his alleged victims were younger than the age of 13. According to prosecutors, the defendant and his wife sent another girl against her will to Idaho in July 2012 and also threatened to do the same with the other children in the family. The wife has been charged with intimidation and obstruction and has pleaded not guilty.

Both parents should be executed according to so many.