Odessa, TX – While sexual harassment can happen in any type of work environment, there are some places where these kinds of issues tend to happen more often. Workers in certain industries are more likely to face gender discrimination and harassment than others. Data is available about these claims to show which industries have the largest harassment problem. 

Employment sectors where workers are likely to be harassed

Surprisingly, food service, restaurants, hotels, and various other service industry and hospitality jobs account for the most harassment claims in any sector in the United States. This is likely due to the fact that these kinds of workers are constantly interacting with both guests and co-workers, and a greater degree of interaction and high volume of conversations increases the likelihood that some will be problematic. Retail jobs are also very likely to become problem areas for sexual harassment for similar reasons due to high levels of interaction. These two sectors also tend to have high numbers of female employees, and women are more likely to become victims of harassment and gender discrimination than men.  

Healthcare and social work jobs are also areas where harassment is common, again partially because these fields tend to have large numbers of female workers and fewer men. Workers and patients also have to constantly interact and stay in proximity to each other for hours at a time. Public administration and certain government jobs are also high on the list for similar reasons. Even historically male dominated fields such as manufacturing, construction, information technology, and mining have a number of claims made each year. This is partially due to the fact that either the perpetrator or victim in a harassment claim can be of any gender. 

Despite these general trends, much data from the EEOC regarding harassment claims does not indicate any industry at all. This means that there are industries that may be underrepresented in this data set. 

Lawsuits for sexual harassment

Anyone who is victim of harassment can retain their own attorney and go through a formal process to receive compensation. This usually includes an investigation, gathering evidence, and either coming to a settlement or having a trial if necessary. Damages available to victims can include lost wages or back pay, as well as treatment for counseling or trauma in serious cases. Financial losses associated with a career change or finding a new job can be part of damages as well. 

Finding out if a lawsuit against an employer or other actions are necessary

Victims of sexual harassment can speak with a local attorney in the Odessa area in confidence. Moore and Associates focuses on helping clients with various labor and employment problems in Texas. 

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