Midland, TXWorkplace harassment can be a problem that some workers are afraid to discuss for a number of reasons. Unfortunately, if a worker does not get help from someone else or bring a lawsuit, it is unlikely that the situation will be resolved or go away on its own. Victims can schedule a meeting with a lawyer and not have to worry about the information exchanged during the consultation being shared with anyone else. This is because professional rules that all lawyers must follow have been designed to protect clients and victims.

Discussions related to illegal conduct in the workplace

Workplace harassment can be an embarrassing topic to discuss. Some workers may need to go through therapy or counseling if the problem is serious and pervasive. A worker may also feel that their employer will terminate their position when they find out that there have been complaints and the possibility of legal action. Other workers may begin to ostracize the victim and start to treat them differently as well. 

The good news for victims is that all of these problems can become factors in a lawsuit against the workplace. Damages can include lost pay and future lost wages, payment for counseling or psychological treatment, and lost bonuses or promotions that may have been affected by the illegal conduct. Civil lawsuits pay victims to put them in the situation that they would have occupied if the illegal actions never happened. 

Privileged conversations between an attorney and client

Because harassment is a sensitive issue, and many workers worry about consequences and retaliation from their employer, there are rules that keep conversations with legal counsel confidential. This is called the attorney-client privilege, and it means that the things that a lawyer and their client talk about do not have to be disclosed during a lawsuit or shared with any third parties in order to file a case. This rule is so important that attorneys can even be disciplined if the information shared during a confidential meeting with a client is leaked. 

Generally speaking, this rule is meant to keep conversations between the lawyer and the client secret and prevent the information from being revealed, published, or shared for any reason. During the normal discovery process, and even if the client or lawyer is called to testify later at trial, this info still remains confidential. This rule has also been held to apply to prospective non-clients if the information was shared under similar conditions with expectations of confidentiality. 

Finding legal help after an employer acts inappropriately 

Incidents that may involve sexual harassment can be relayed to a local attorney confidentially. Moore and Associates is a firm that assists clients with various labor issues and civil lawsuits in the Midland area.  

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